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The Italian Lawyers of Studio Legale Metta, an Italian law firm, handle Italian legal matters for private and corporate clients from North America, the UK, Ireland, Australia and around the world.

Our English speaking Italian lawyers assist foreign clients with legal matters throughout Italy. Based on extensive international experience, our Italian lawyers have established proven procedures which enable clients to achieve extraordinary outcomes without travelling to Italy.

We are a boutique Italian law firm internationally recognized for real estate, cross-border successions, estate planning, visa, immigration, citizenship and Italian litigation practice areas.

Our knowledgeable team of bilingual Italian lawyers provides fast, accurate and cost-effective services. Our extensive knowledge and experience, efficient international working style and established legal tradition make our services unique.


7 October 2021 - Good afternoon. We got favorable word on our visa application on Sep 28th and have received them by express mail. We will be leaving the US on Wednesday Oct 13th on one of Alitalia’s last flights. Thank you for your assistance. Based on your work with us we have made several personal recommendations for your legal assistance to others similarly situated.

B. K. S., Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA

24 September 2021 - Great service, always professional and very quick. Recommend to everyone.

Alon Gook (from Google reviews)

16 September 2021 - Dear Antonio, it has always been a great pleasure to work with you and Giandomenico throughout this process. The Metta law firm is truly fortunate to have such personable, intelligent, and dynamic lawyers, like yourselves, working for them.

C. N., Mullica Hill, New Jersey, USA

14 September 2021 - I engaged Studio Legale Metta to assist with a property inheritance transaction because I don't live in Italy and am not familiar with the local rules and regulations. After an initial Zoom conversation with Nick Metta my case was handled by Dario Gambino. I could not be more satisfied. Dario is capable, professional, communicative and effective. My case was resolved successfully and with the minimum of fuss. Dario stepped me through all the requirements and kept me informed as the process took its course. If you need legal assistance in Italy and are not familiar with the Italian Legal system then go straight to Studio Legale Metta.

G Dompietro (from Google reviews)

 13 September 2021 - Excellent customer service, clear instructions, thank you.

Paul Drew (from Google reviews)

3 September 2021 - I recently applied for a tax code through SLM. All communication was clear and highly efficient. SLM made the process painless and the service was extremely prompt. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend SLM.

Sally Burbeary (from Google reviews)

24 August 2021 - Very quick handling and providing of the tax codes. Professional and quick service. We recommend Studio Legale Metta.

Lucien Thomkins (from Google reviews)

21 August 2021 - Studio Legale Metta helped me with a fiscal code. Their service was professional, in time, no fuss and exceeded expectations. I can recommend their services for a fiscal code without any reservations.

Jaco E (from Google reviews)

19 August 2021 - We used the services of Studio Legale Metta to receive my tax code. Thanks to their professionalism and expertise, the process was very easy and fast. Highly recommend!

Kristie Reeves (from Google reviews)

3 August 2021 - We were very satisfied by the services. Highly professional attitude. Everything was done on time.

Julia Stauffer (from Google reviews)

21 July 2021 - Dear Nick, we enjoyed our visit with you Monday and found your consultation very helpful. And your summary email was also especially beneficial to us. Thank you so much for that.

S.O., Compignano (Marsciano), Perugia, Italy

19 July 2021 - Professional! Quick Service! My estate agent recommended me reaching out to SLM because I has having trouble getting my tax id in the US. Best decision ever! The form was easy to fill out - they answered my questions quickly - and I received my tax id in less than 5 days. For any US citizen not living in the EU - needing to get a tax id from the US - i strongly recommend going and ahead and paying the fees to have SLM help.

Christy Purser (from Google reviews)

14 July 2021 - I was largely satisfied with your services, and I would recommend you. I already have professional contacts who want the same type of service, they will surely contact you on my behalf. See you soon, I hope.

E. V., Cannes, France

31 May 2021 - Excellent service! Studio Legale Metta obtained my Italian tax code quickly and for a good value. I would highly reccomend.

Anthony Narcisi (from Google reviews)

15 May 2021 - I would like to thank Studio Legale Metta (SLM) for the successful sale. SLM handled all the necessary paperwork with expertise, timeliness and efficiency. This is the second time I have dealt with SLM and I would recommend them for their professionalism and helpfulness and for the reliability of their service, which are delivered flawlessly even remotely. As their customer, one feels in good hand. Thanks again to Lawyer Gambino, Lawyer Metta and all the SLM staff for the effective results achieved in this matter as well and keep up the good work.

Caty Palella (from Facebook reviews)

6 May 2021 - My husband and I had an appointment with Nick Metta this morning regarding making a will. We are moving to Italy in less than 2 weeks. I can not tell you how much Nick helped us! He answered all questions and put us on the right track.

M.G. and R.B., Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

27 April 2021 - They helped me with the process to obtain my Codice Fiscale and they were fantastic. Very helpful!

Maria Claudia Echavarria (from Google reviews)

27 April 2021 - I received excellent service in receiving my Codice Fiscale from Studio Legale Metta. Communication was clear and the process was very professional. It was a delight doing business with SLM.

Neecie Surber (from Google reviews)

19 April 2021 - I highly recommend this company. The service is excellent and the value is great for the price. l am an EU citizen living in Canada and all my questions were answered regarding my plans to move to Italy and purchase a property there in the near future. Thank you so much!

Eva Pal (from Google reviews)

19 April 2021 - I highly recommend Studio Legale Metta. I'm attempting to buy an Italian property remotely from the UK during the Covid pandemic. So far they have helped me get my Italian Tax Code in super fast time. I dealt with Marco Chirivi and could not be happier with the service he provided. As an example ... He chased me up by text to suggest that a document that needed to be signed and which I hadn't returned might have gone to my spam folder. It had! Without his professional diligence I'd still be sitting around waiting, as being a tech luddite it hadn't occurred to me to check. Thank you Marco. I will definitely be using Studio Legale Metta as I move forward with my property purchase.

Sharon Howells (from Google reviews)

19 April 2021 - Applied through Studio Legale Metta for my tax code and I am highly satisfied with their services. Professional and fast.

Jens Krause (from Google reviews)

9 April 2021 - I just wanted to share with the group that after listening to Chris' various episodes with Nick Metta, I booked an appointment with him for a consultation and it was very helpful. He is a wealth of knowledge on so many fronts. I would highly recommend his services if you have travel navigation or Italian taxation questions.

Chris Togni (from Facebook)

6 April 2021 - I engaged Studio Legale Metta (SLM) to represent me regarding an property inheritance transaction when my father passed away. I had previously attempted to complete the transaction myself but did not have any idea of the complexity of the requirements to transfer the property from my Dad to me. I used the google search to locate an attorney in Italy to assist me with the transaction. There were many choices, however I was greatly impressed by the SLM website which contains a wealth of information regarding the steps involved in this type of transaction as well as many others. The initial consultation with Nick Metta was extremely helpful and immediately relieved my anxiety regarding how I was going to get it done. I cannot thank SLM enough for their outstanding service. My case was handled by Dario Gambino. He was exceedingly knowledgeable, courteous and communication was always prompt and thorough. The process was explained in great detail and became very easy with his guidance and knowledge of the issues. I am so satisfied with the expertise and professionalism of SLM, I have also engaged their services in the property sale transaction. We have already begun and I am very confident in their invaluable experience. I high recommend SLM.

Gina Capone (from Google reviews)

19 March 2021 - I have no hesitation in recommending this company. The legal advice I received was straightforward and easy to understand and very good value for money. An excellent experience, thank you.

Faye Wilson (from Facebook reviews)

21 January 2021 - I highly recommend Studio Legale Metta. Their response was fast, the work was very professional, high ethical standards, precise and with high quality. They constantly communicated me updates through email. They made every easy with less stress for me. I only have gratitude and applauds for them.

Anthony Riani (from Google reviews)

28 December 2020 - In June of 2020, we engaged SLM for an Italian property purchase after a consultation with Nick Metta. The attention to detail in the services provided by SLM (by Nick and all of the staff) and specifically by Raffaella Cuomo were excellent. Their representation of our interests in connection with our successful condominium purchase was everything that we had hoped it would be. Over the years, although we have completed many real estate transactions in the U.S., in attempting our property purchase in Italy, we were very fortunate to have the benefit of SLM's invaluable experience. I know that we wouldn't have attempted this purchase without them.

Christopher Bianchi (from Google reviews)

17 December 2020 - Great service and communication during a very long and complicated purchase process due to Covid delays. Would highly recommend.

Nancy Richardson (from Google reviews)

17 December 2020 - Efficient, professional, and a pleasure to work with! They helped us with residence and immigration matters and were extremely helpful throughout the entire process. Highly recommend!

Ali Quarforth (from Google reviews)

13 December 2020 - Excellent service, good communication, even if we did not meet in person, the all process was run very smoothly.

Emanuela Luzzani (from Google reviews)

10 December 2020 - I would like to say that you have all been very helpful form start to finish and made what I believe is an otherwise painful experience, extremely easy which I cannot thank you enough for.

A.V.P., Brighton, England, UK

23 November 2020 - We appointed Studio Legal Metta and Antonio Cammarano to assist us in obtaining our Italian residency qualification. They provided an excellent service and in particular: a) clear and regular communications, both by email and by phone; b) great expertise in negotiating a number of hurdles we found in our path; c) calm and confidence when it looked as though our timetable was slipping because of local delays. In addition, the use of technology by Studio Legal Metta - whether for certifying documents online, for ease of necessary payments etc - made a very real difference to the process. We will use the practice again, for sure, on other matters which may arise.

Richard A., London, England, UK

22 November 2020 - I found Studio Legale Metta (SLM) on the internet because I was looking for legal advice on a matter of cross - border inheritance law and estate planning (IT/US). Lawyer Nicola Maria Metta gave us clear and precise information on each step of the procedures required in Italy and immediately set to work in collaboration with Lawyers Dario Gambino e Marco Chirivì. The communication with Mr. Metta, Mr. Gambino and Mr. Chirivì was always rapid, well understandable and effective. Step by step they reached the objectives that were set and thanks to the professionalism, know-how, perseverance and reliability of SLM we were able to overcome a deadlock situation. I am very grateful and satisfied with the great job done and I fully recommend Lawyer Metta and his team from SLM to anyone who needs assistance or competent advice from a reliable law firm.

Caty Palella (from Facebook reviews)

21 November 2020 - Very professional and helpful in unlocking a complex situation. We could see genuine interest to our case.

Linda Cristalli (from Google reviews)

9 November 2020 - I requested a codice fiscale certificato, as I was having an extremely hard time requesting my papers as a dual Italian citizen in Italy, go figure. So much confusion and bureaucracy!! But Marco at SLM was a breeze to communicate with and the process was so easy. Everything is filled out for you, you sign, and that's it. A week later I received a scan of the certificate and the hard copy arrived promptly after. Couldn't recommend this firm more!

Lexi Kassler (from Google reviews)

5 November 2020 - In these difficult times with all the uncertainty about travel and visas, my husband and I turned to Nick Metta and Marco Chirivi at SLM for help with our immigration. Their advice was perfect. They are very supportive. Their rates are very very very reasonable. They respond quickly and thoroughly. Beautiful English spoken by all. We really appreciate them.

Molly Klein (from Facebook reviews)

28 October 2020 - Many thanks indeed for all of your help. I have found your service outstanding, and knowledge of the issues very thorough. I have already recommended Studio Legale Metta to three friends, two of whom have already been in contact with Nick, I think. I have also recommended you to my son. I am certain that should I have other issues of citizenship I will be in contact with your firm again.

P. W., London, England, UK

27 October 2020 - Fast and helpful communication with the office, as well as a quickly processed application. The officials were nice.

Matus Turis (from Google reviews)

21 October 2020 - We cannot thank Studio Legale Metta enough for their assistance with a family member's international succession of heirs. We were so lost when we started out trying to piece together how to proceed. Once we found Studio Legale Metta, we were no longer lost. We were always kept apprised of activity in a timely manner, all questions asked were answered clearly and concisely so there was no lingering doubt; and all the while, we never met in person. Yes, we absolutely can recommend Studio Legale Metta. We are absolutely thankful for them!!

Jo Anne Mendonsa (from Google reviews)

1 October 2020 - The service we got from Marco and his team was top class. Efficient, experienced and great customer service. I can highly recommend this agency.

Charlotte Kristjansson (from Google reviews)

14 September 2020 - It has been a true pleasure working with you and your team. We agree that this has been a rather complex undertaking, with many twists and turns along the way, but with your guidance and hard work, it all felt very easy from our end - and that's a reflection of how good you are at what you do. We must admit that we were very apprehensive about selecting counsel in another country, with little knowledge if that country's rules/laws, based solely on an internet search, but we feel that we couldn't have done any better than finding you, nor could we be happier with the job you did and the entire experience. I hope that you and your team continue to be successful in all undertakings and I wish you the best of luck in the future. It has been an honor working with you and we're pleased to have made a few more good connections in our home land - perhaps our paths will cross again in the future.

A. P., New York, USA

12 September 2020 - I had a wonderful experience with Studio Metta and particularly with Nick. Extremely professional, knows the italian law inside and out and he is super fair and honest, I was delighted to work with him, and I look forward to working with him again in the future. Highly recommended.

Julian Conrad (from Google reviews)

9 September 2020 - I spoke to Nick ... Nicola Metta. I was impressed by his due diligence. He answered most of my questions even before I asked. I was really pleased dealing with this Law Firm. Thanks Nick.

Didier Rwitura (from Google reviews)

1 September 2020 - Thank you to Marco and everyone else who helped me over the phone. I was in a rush moving to Italy and needed to do my cod fiscale but couldn't get to it in person (because of covid quarantine rules) Marco and his team were really responsive and quick. I spoke to them on the phone while in America the day I left for Italy, quickly filled out the forms they quickly sent to me on email, sent them back and they were able to obtain my cod fiscale by the time I landed in Italy the next day! Thanks again!

John Anagnostis, Summit, New Jersey, USA (from Google reviews)

12 August 2020 - Very efficient, excellent service, thanks from Terry and Marina.

Marina Palomba (from Google reviews)

10 August 2020 - Nick met with us and was extremely knowledgeable and very forthcoming about what steps we will need to go through. His team also has a wide variety of skills to cover immigration, taxes, accounting, and real estate.


Jeff Heckey (from Google reviews)

3 August 2020 - I found Studio Legale Metta on an internet search regarding an Italian matter, and booked a telephone appointment. This was very easy to do and was quickly available. The information I received was extremely helpful and answered my questions, without having to go to an appointment in person. Nicola Metta was very easy to speak to and gave relevant information in a personal and friendly manner.


Alexia Hodgson (from Google reviews)

24 July 2020 - Thank you once again for all of the help! I cannot be more grateful for this service. I recommended Studio Legale Metta to one of my friends, I hope he gets to work with you in the near future.

A. P. W., Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

20 July 2020 - Let me first say that it's been a real pleasure to work with you over all these months.  We will miss reading your emails almost daily!  You have done a fantastic job, even more so in light of the Covid situation!  We appreciate the great support and sustained follow-up you provided step by step! Many thanks for everything, stay safe and have a lovely summer!

A. & C. S., Bruxelles, Belgium


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