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The Italian Lawyers of Studio Legale Metta, an Italian law firm, handle Italian legal matters for private and corporate clients from North America, the UK, Ireland, Australia and around the world.

Our English speaking Italian lawyers assist foreign clients with legal matters throughout Italy. Based on extensive international experience, our Italian lawyers have established proven procedures which enable clients to achieve extraordinary outcomes without travelling to Italy.

We are a boutique Italian law firm internationally recognized for real estate, cross-border successions, estate planning, visa, immigration, citizenship and Italian litigation practice areas.

Our knowledgeable team of bilingual Italian lawyers provides fast, accurate and cost-effective services. Our extensive knowledge and experience, efficient international working style and established legal tradition make our services unique.


16 May 2022 - My wife and I are moving from the US to Italy and have used SLM for several issues and will use them in the future. I am a dual citizen and my wife is US citizen. The firm helped us secure our codice fiscale in two weeks. They have provided us fast and effective legal advice as we work our way thru to residency. As a lawyer myself, I was and continued to be impressed by how quick and efficient each lawyer is that we have dealt with. I highly recommend employing this form for all of your legal needs in Italy. I cant say enough about how timely they are with their work. Readily available y phone and email. All speak fluent English.

Russell Pitts (from Google reviews)

10 May 2022 - Got the Italian personal tax number in a few days. Good experience and fairly priced.

Tymen van Dyl (from Google reviews)

3 May 2022 - SLM was an essential piece when purchasing a property in Italy as an American citizen. They assisted us during every step - from negotiating contracts with the seller, to ensuring we had the proper legal paperwork submitted to the local municipality. They were responsive, professional, and knowledgeable. We are extremely grateful for their guidance.

Tyson Bogumill (from Google reviews)

2 May 2022 - I would like to share my experiences working with SLM. I was new in business running teams in the renewable industry, I was offered an opportunity to expand my business into Italy. I knew nothing about the Italian laws and rules for UK workers to enter and the requirements needed to meet the standards. After some google searches I was introduced to Alessandro who took control of everything, he was very responsive, efficient getting by documents drawn up even though I had 11 staff it was an easy process. Since then I have used SLM and Alessandro for any business in Italy, this is my 4 year using and every season after, now I will using them to set up an Italy branch. If you want quick efficient quality service then you don’t need to look anywhere else. I have never met them in person but I can trust them to do the business I require at short notice. Amazing service.

Paul Bonar (from Google reviews)

26 April 2022 - Highly recommend. Always clear and concise answers to my questions. Many thanks.

Nikolas B (from Google reviews)

26 April 2022 - I have been very happy with the services they provided. They were very responsive, transparent and patient throughout the entire process.

George Lucciola (from Google reviews)

24 April 2022 - After a first big mandate in 2019 that lasted almost two years, I turned to Studio Legale Metta again this spring for a certificate to be registered in Italy, at the Bari Civil Registry Office. As always, the lawyers took care of all the bureaucratic formalities (done remotely and online, as I am living abroad) quickly and accurately, and communication was always efficient and reliable. I highly recommend this law firm for the great professionalism, competence and efficiency they have shown every time, both for complex assignments and for simpler bureaucratic formalities. Special thanks are due also to Lawyer D. Gambino for his continued excellent assistance. Bravi, continuate così :-)!

Caterina Palella (from Google reviews)

18 April 2022 - I would like to extend our most sincere “thank you” for the detailed and exceptional service we received from your firm. We would also like to extend a “special” thank you to Nicola Iannone for his hard work and dedication to our file.

A.T., Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

12 April 2022 - I am very happy with the services to obtain so quickly my tax ID for purchase of a home in Italy. I will most likely need further assistance from them and am very happy with the quick and through response.

Joanne Drake (from Google reviews)

8 April 2022 - Amazing service at a very competitive price! Just as quick and easy as described on the website, completed entirely online. I had to get an Italian tax code and all I did was fill in the form on their website, sign the application form they emailed me and in only 3 days it was ready! SLM exceeded my expectations and Marco Chirivì was very helpful and quick to answer any questions I had about the process. Would totally recommend to anyone needing legal services.

Joana (from Google reviews)

7 April 2022 - A pleasure to work with Marco on obtaining the codice fiscale from abroad. His replies were prompt, and all with detail. If you need to get your tax code from abroad I highly recommend these services.

Hudson Paul (from Google reviews)

3 April 2022 - My husband and I contacted Nick Metta after our property closing in Italy did not take place as expected. Even though we should have contacted SLM prior to contracting on the property, the firm was very helpful to us in a long journey through the Italian court system. There were times over the 6+ years that we considered giving up on the money we had paid to the seller but Nick was always willing to talk with us to help us understand the ins and outs of the court system we were not familiar with. His firm helped us recover our deposit and most of the legal fees that were paid in the process. If you need a true ally and someone to help you navigate the Italian court/legal system, we would highly recommend Studio Legale Metta.

Tracey Whiston (from Google reviews)

21 March 2022 - Studio Legale Metta handled the purchase of our Italian home with high expertise and professional etiquette. Thank you Nicola Iaonne for your very responsive and most professional service. We will recommend your firm wholeheartedly to anyone we know in Canada who also may be looking to achieve their dream.

Andrea Ross (from Google reviews)

2 March 2022 - The internet is full of attorneys but finding a quality legal firm is hard to come by. Studio Legale Metta is one of the few legal firms that puts clients first before profits. This firm is nothing short of providing excellent client care, expert advice, and fulfilling services both effectively and efficiently, especially during the height of the pandemic. I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to be represented by Mr. Nick Metta, Mr. Marco Chirivi, and Mr. Dario Gambino as they were all truly invaluable in resolving an arduous issue in Italy. If you are seeking cost-effective professional legal advice with positive results from a firm that’s been around for more than 100 years, then look no further.

Joe Della Ripa (from LinkedIn reviews)

21 February 2022 - If we had to describe Studio Legale Metta in as few words as possible, those would be, professional, competent, service-oriented, and personable. We had first contacted Nick Metta roughly 2 years ago for a consultation about purchasing a property in Italy. He was extremely generous with his time and knowledge. When we finally found the property that we were interested in purchasing, we contacted him again when he assigned us a truly wonderful lawyer named Nicola Iannone to assist us. From obtaining the cod fiscale, to conducting escrow, from negotiating the purchase price to closing the deal, Nicola and the SLM family were consistently available and always happy to help. My family and I recommend Studio Legale Metta without hesitation. If you are looking to buy a property in Italy and don't know where to start (as was the case for us!), get in touch with SLM. You will be taken care of before, during, and after the purchase. Many thanks to you Nick, and Nicola, and to the entire SLM Family for going the extra mile for us!

Ghazi Faisal Al-Mulaifi (from Google reviews)

13 February 2022 - I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for your help to complete the ’not so simple’ real estate transaction. It was a pleasure working with you all. A fine team of experts indeed.

R.M., Singapore

7 February 2022 - Let me take this opportunity to express my positive experience with your service and your very much appreciated understanding. Surely, I will consider your service for other matters in the nearby future.

R.H., London, UK

29 January 2022 - Hello Nicola, your company did an outstanding job guiding us through the property purchase process and we are very thankful for it. We are all moved into our Lecco apartment and couldn’t be happier. Thanks again for all your diligence and effort towards making this possible. Signing SLM was the turning point and we are thankful we found you.

T.B., Helena, Montana, USA

25 January 2022 - Dear Dario, Thank you for the update. For what should have been an easy transaction but quite the contrary it was not possible without you and the Metta team.  Therefore my mother and I express sincere gratitude to you, Nicola, and Marco for your diligence, patience, and professionalism.

J.D.R., Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

14 January 2022 - Amazing and very professional service. I am absolutely impressed. Very good people, responded to all emails fast. Very courteous behaviour. I totally recommend SLM. I got my tax code delivered well before the stipulated time.

Gopikrishnan C Remesan (from Google reviews)

23 December 2021 - I engaged Studio Legale Metta to assist with cross-country legal documentation on different matters, requiring a solid expertise and practice of Italian law. From the first phone consultations with partner Nick Metta, based in the USA, I knew that SLM was the right law firm for the job. I worked closely with attorneys, Dario Gambino, Dionisio Altamura and Marco Chirivì. They are outstanding professionals and their responsiveness and work quality was excellent!

Vasken Sarkissian (from Google reviews)

22 December 2021 - Peter, as an attorney who worked a couple of decades in the private sector, I’m a demanding client. Your service, and that of Antonio, has been superb. To all of you, I wish the happiest of holidays and a prosperous, satisfying New Year.

K. M., Moses Lake, Washington, USA

17 December 2021 - I live in the US, don’t speak any Italian and contacted SLM after learning that a relative in Italy passed away without a will. There was little information regarding the estate that I could provide. The legal team at SLM did a thorough background check, identified real estate parcels, tracked down financial assets and negotiated with other heirs who also live outside Italy. The lawyers at SLM exceeded my expectations during negotiations and kept me up to date by email throughout the process. I am satisfied with the outcome.

Maureen Haas (from Google reviews)

15 December 2021 - It's been a pleasure working with you, and I hope to continue to do so for the remainder of the Citizenship process and Carta d’Identita process.  Also, as I’ve mentioned before, I really appreciate your tenacity and availability when dealing with the lack of interest of particularly the Comune representative regarding the Citizenship.

G. B., Asheville, North Carolina, USA

5 December 2021 - I contacted Studio Legale Metta for help with obtaining Italian heath insurance that would meet the requirements for our elective residency visa application. We needed this insurance for our appointment that was one week away. They responded promptly, and the entire process went smoothly. We received the policy on time. The prices they offer are reasonable compared to other firms. I highly recommend Studio Legale Metta. Thank you!

Robert Lang (from Google reviews)

29 November 2021 - I received the policy today. Thank you for getting this done so quickly. I will certainly recommend you firm for people I know needing visa or immigration help.

R.L., Ignacio, Colorado (USA)

25 November 2021 - Perfect service - exactly what I required. Clear communication, very responsive. Highly recommended.

Richard Urwin (from Google reviews)

12 November 2021 - Getting a codice fiscale so you can rent or buy a property in Italy in order to apply for a long term visa is one of the most confusing parts of the visa process. The consulate will tell you that you need to first get a tentative lease or purchase agreement and then notify them to have a CF sent to you so you can complete the transaction OR hire a legal firm in Italy to apply for you before searching for a place. The problem with the first option is that it is very hard to get a property owner to make the initial agreement if you don't already have the CF - especially if you aren't in one of the major population centers. They are usually not well informed about the process or just decide that it is too much of a hassle. I chose the second option and used Studio Legale Metta to apply for me. There was a cost involved, but it was very much worth it - even with the additional fee they charged because you have to give them a limited power of attorney in Italy to act on your behalf. SLM was very efficient and professional. They responded to my initial contact immediately and emailed out the paper work for me to sign within 24 hours. Once I signed and emailed back the signed documents, they said it would take up to 9 business days. I had my CF within 4! I couldn't be more satisfied with their service. I highly recommend them!

Richard Bulcroft (from Google reviews)

27 October 2021 - This Italian Law Firm did an excellent job acquiring an Italian Fiscale Code. They were thoroughly professional and kept me updated on the progress. They actually delivered the service 6 days early. I highly recommend them.

Maria Ruvio (from Google reviews)

26 October 2021 - I reached out to Studio Legale Metta for help with obtaining an Italian Tax Code. They responded promptly & went beyond and above in ensuring the entire process went smoothly and rapidly. Not only I was able to obtain in within a very short time frame, but also at a very reasonable cost and they acted with utmost professionalism from start to finish. I highly recommend Studio Legale Metta. Thank you!

Ramona Dragnea (from Google reviews)

25 October 2021 - Studio Legale Metta helped me buy a house in Italy at the height of the pandemic (spring 2021) when all countries in Europe were in some form of lockdown. I was pretty clear what I wanted to buy and I can speak some Italian, but I was stranded in Romania, unable to travel. SLM’s help was essential to get the transaction done, especially in those difficult days. They did a brilliant job at explaining the process and the pitfalls to watch out for. Their communication was always clear and they went out of their way to accommodate my needs. I would like to commend in particular Raffaella Cuomo who worked very hard to keep things moving and keep everybody on board (as is often the case with property purchases, there were irregularities with the house that had to be sorted out).

Stefan (from Google reviews)

22 October 2021 - We used Studio Legale Metta to obtain a codice fiscale for a relative. Very professional, straightforward, and fast. A strong recommendation from us!

Bob Nease (from Google reviews)

20 October 2021 - Nick, there were a lot of points that my notaio wanted and needed to add into the discussion to help solidify her thoughts and the correct approach.  And, my commercialista was very keen to make sure the 2021 tax reporting and the succession reporting will be aligned.  A very key confirmation for them both. I cannot thank you enough for your steadfastness throughout the call, and especially for your professional approach, knowledge, and collegial way you discussed your legal "points of view" (ITA and also cross-border perspective) and the very clear rationale behind your thoughts and legal opinions.  You paved the way for them to see a clearer path forward and one that makes the most sense from every standpoint. Your time, guidance, and viewpoints carried the day today. Truly, truly outstanding and you have given all three of here the confidence to move forward as discussed and concluded at the end of the call.

G.D.G., New York, USA

7 October 2021 - Good afternoon. We got favorable word on our visa application on Sep 28th and have received them by express mail. We will be leaving the US on Wednesday Oct 13th on one of Alitalia’s last flights. Thank you for your assistance. Based on your work with us we have made several personal recommendations for your legal assistance to others similarly situated.

B. K. S., Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA

24 September 2021 - Great service, always professional and very quick. Recommend to everyone.

Alon Gook (from Google reviews)

16 September 2021 - Dear Antonio, it has always been a great pleasure to work with you and Giandomenico throughout this process. The Metta law firm is truly fortunate to have such personable, intelligent, and dynamic lawyers, like yourselves, working for them.

C. N., Mullica Hill, New Jersey, USA

14 September 2021 - I engaged Studio Legale Metta to assist with a property inheritance transaction because I don't live in Italy and am not familiar with the local rules and regulations. After an initial Zoom conversation with Nick Metta my case was handled by Dario Gambino. I could not be more satisfied. Dario is capable, professional, communicative and effective. My case was resolved successfully and with the minimum of fuss. Dario stepped me through all the requirements and kept me informed as the process took its course. If you need legal assistance in Italy and are not familiar with the Italian Legal system then go straight to Studio Legale Metta.

G Dompietro (from Google reviews)

 13 September 2021 - Excellent customer service, clear instructions, thank you.

Paul Drew (from Google reviews)

3 September 2021 - I recently applied for a tax code through SLM. All communication was clear and highly efficient. SLM made the process painless and the service was extremely prompt. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend SLM.

Sally Burbeary (from Google reviews)

24 August 2021 - Very quick handling and providing of the tax codes. Professional and quick service. We recommend Studio Legale Metta.

Lucien Thomkins (from Google reviews)

21 August 2021 - Studio Legale Metta helped me with a fiscal code. Their service was professional, in time, no fuss and exceeded expectations. I can recommend their services for a fiscal code without any reservations.

Jaco E (from Google reviews)

19 August 2021 - We used the services of Studio Legale Metta to receive my tax code. Thanks to their professionalism and expertise, the process was very easy and fast. Highly recommend!

Kristie Reeves (from Google reviews)

3 August 2021 - We were very satisfied by the services. Highly professional attitude. Everything was done on time.

Julia Stauffer (from Google reviews)

21 July 2021 - Dear Nick, we enjoyed our visit with you Monday and found your consultation very helpful. And your summary email was also especially beneficial to us. Thank you so much for that.

S.O., Compignano (Marsciano), Perugia, Italy

19 July 2021 - Professional! Quick Service! My estate agent recommended me reaching out to SLM because I has having trouble getting my tax id in the US. Best decision ever! The form was easy to fill out - they answered my questions quickly - and I received my tax id in less than 5 days. For any US citizen not living in the EU - needing to get a tax id from the US - i strongly recommend going and ahead and paying the fees to have SLM help.

Christy Purser (from Google reviews)

14 July 2021 - I was largely satisfied with your services, and I would recommend you. I already have professional contacts who want the same type of service, they will surely contact you on my behalf. See you soon, I hope.

E. V., Cannes, France

31 May 2021 - Excellent service! Studio Legale Metta obtained my Italian tax code quickly and for a good value. I would highly reccomend.

Anthony Narcisi (from Google reviews)

15 May 2021 - I would like to thank Studio Legale Metta (SLM) for the successful sale. SLM handled all the necessary paperwork with expertise, timeliness and efficiency. This is the second time I have dealt with SLM and I would recommend them for their professionalism and helpfulness and for the reliability of their service, which are delivered flawlessly even remotely. As their customer, one feels in good hand. Thanks again to Lawyer Gambino, Lawyer Metta and all the SLM staff for the effective results achieved in this matter as well and keep up the good work.

Caty Palella (from Facebook reviews)


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