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At Studio Legale Metta we are ready to assist you during the global crisis due to Covid-19. Our virtual business procedures have been in place since 2004 and we remain committed to delivering outstanding assistance to all our clients located around the globe. As regulations and measures are changing daily, we modify accordingly to give our clients the most up-to-date response and optimal service.



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Nick M. Metta

(Italian Lawyer; U.S. Notary Public)


  • Real Estate (transfer by purchase, sale, gift, divorce, partition claim, joint ownership etc.)
  • Inheritance, Succession, Wills, Estate Planning, Estate Liquidation, Relinquishment (disclaim), etc.
  • Immigration Law (including also tax and estate planning advice): Italian Visa, Permit to Stay (Permesso di Soggiorno), Residence, Brexit
  • Italian Citizenship
  • Italian Court Dispute
  • Tax (international tax planning, avoidance of double taxation, rental income tax)
  • Company formation (incorporation of an Italian limited liability company; registration in Italy of a foreign company)
  • Notary documents preparation

Antonio Cammarano (Italian Lawyer)


Alessandro Iacovazzi (Italian Lawyer)


  • Corporate & Commercial Law (e.g., Italian and Foreign Companies set-up, Corporate Compliance, Due Diligence, M&A, Private Equity & Crowdfunding, International Trade)
  • Contract Law (e.g., Corporate contracts, Sales, Contractor agreements and supply contracts, agency, distribution, e-sport tournaments)
  • Open Italian bank account remotely
  • Intellectual Property: registration and protection of trademarks, patents and projects at national and international level
  • IT: Website policies, E-sport, Blockchain and AI
  • International Tax Planning for companies: establish your business in Italy and abroad

Massimo Paternoster U.S.A. Lawyer (New York)


  • USA Real Estate (property purchase in New York)
  • USA Inheritance, Succession, Wills, Estate Planning, Estate Liquidation
  • USA Immigration Law
  • USA Corporate & Commercial, M&A, Business Formation, Corporate Housekeeping (NY
    & Delaware)
  • Debt Collection