Covid-19 Emergency Donations

Emergency Donations

Many of our international clients have been asking how they can help Italy during this difficult period of the Coronavirus pandemic. We researched organizations that are actively supporting Italians in their fight against the virus and its consequences. If you wish to show your support of Italy, please consider a donation to one of the following organizations that we have vetted:

      1. Food
        Our firm’s headquarters are located in Bari. This southern city has been on lockdown due to the Coronavirus since March 9 and its citizens are suffering the consequences, not only of the virus, but also due to lack of work and income. People are having trouble coming up with enough money to feed their families. To help fill this void, the Municipality of Bari has opened a bank account specifically reserved for donations which will buy staple goods for families in need. If you would like to contribute, a bank transfer can be made from your account to the following:Account holder name: Comune di Bari
        IBAN: IT17 A020 0804 0300 0010 5890 369
        Matter reference: Comune di Bari – Emergenza COVID-19
      2. Hospital Supplies
        Bergamo is a northern Italian city that has been at the epicenter of the Coronavirus crisis since February 23. Bergamo’s healthcare system has been overwhelmed by Covid-19 patients and they are still operating over capacity. The local hospital, Papa Giovanni XXIII of Bergamo, is struggling with severe shortages. The regional health organization Azienda Socio Sanitaria Territoriale is collecting financial donations which will go to purchasing much needed supplies and equipment. There are two ways you can donate to this organization:
        Please include the reference: “Donation for medical supplies and equipment for Covid-19 emergency.”
        Or through the authorized crowdfunding campaign link below:
      3. Social Workers for the Disabled
        The Project Con-tatto is a program started by the Puglia regional branch of ANFASS Onlus – The National Association of Families with Intellectual or Relational Disabilities This association assists people with disabilities and their families. Con-tatto puts Puglian families in need directly in contact with social workers and health professionals.  Home assistance is especially difficult during this challenging period of Covid-19 quarantine. If you would like to contribute, a bank transfer can be made from your account to the following:
        Account holder name: Anfass Onlus di Sava
        IBAN: IT86 I030 6909 6061 0000 0014 501
        BIC SWIFT number: BCITITMX
        Matter reference: Donation for assistance to disabled people during Covid-19 emergency.
      4. Hospital supplies: the no-profit Organization “Accoglienza senza confine” has organized a fundraising campaign to buy medical supplies and equipment for the Apulian hospitals whcih are fighting the Covid-19 virus. Donations can be made to the following bank account:
        Account holder name: Associazione “Accoglienza senza Confini Terlizzi” – Onlus
        IBAN: IT78 Q054 2441 7000 0000 1000 176
        BIC SWIFT number: BPBAIT3BXXX
        Matter reference: Medical Supplies – COVID-19
      5. Croce Rossa Italiana (Italian Red Cross Organization). Please note that their website requires a registration before completing the donation process:
        Alternatively, it is possible to make a bank transfer as per following information:
        Account holder name: Associazione della Croce Rossa Italiana
        IBAN: IT93 H020 0803 2840 0010 5889 169
        BIC SWIFT number: UNCRITM12RNP
        Matter reference: CORONAVIRUS

Please kindly note that Studio Legale Metta has no direct or indirect interest in the collection and/or management of the funds donated to the organizations listed above. Each organization is solely responsible for their activities and Studio Legale Metta is not in any way liable for their actions.

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