Italian IMU and TASI

Q Question:  What are IMU and TASI? When are they due?


A Answer: IMU and TASI are Italian Municipal Property Taxes. Italian property owners are required to pay IMU and TASI. They are due for each month of property ownership.

IMU and TASI are due twice a year, by the 16 of June and by the 16th of December, with reference to respectively the first semester and the second semester of each year.

For example, if you purchased the property on the 23rd of March, i.e., within the second half of the month, you are IMU and TASI liable from the 1st of April on and the previous owner is liable up to the 31st of March.


Bear in mind that for a property that is jointly owned, each owner is responsible to pay the respective tax share separately. This means that the local Municipality expects a payment from each owner, even for property jointly owned by a married couple, if both spouses names are on title.

IMU and TASI Exemption: You do not have to pay IMU or TASI for the property you live in as your primary residence, registered as such in your Italian tax return or on your Italian ID.

However, if your live in a “luxury property“, defined as such on record (category A1, A8 and A9), you are still required to pay IMU and TASI even if it is your official primary residence.

Further reduced IMU and TASI rates and exemptions might apply depending on property status, owner’s conditions and local rules.

IMU and TASI legislation gets amended rather frequently. From semester to semester applicable rates and exemption rules might change. 

Pay now your Italian IMU and TASI.

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