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QQuestion: I am a EU citizen and I would like to know the requirements to become an Italian resident.


AAnswer: EU citizens (and citizens of Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) can currently spend up to three months in Italy without having to comply with any particular requirement.

A EU citizen who would want to stay in Italy for more than three months and to become an Italian registered resident would need to comply with certain bureaucratic formalities.

When you apply for Italian residence, this does not per se imply that you lose your current status as a resident of the foreign country where you currently live. In other words, dual residence is possible (and it is also regulated by the law in most countries).

Each Municipality has its own policy as to exactly what requirements need to be fulfilled, although most policies are similar throughout the Italian territory.

Here are the basic requirements (but always check with your specific Municipality):

1) Financial Resources: Evidence (or affidavit) that you have sufficient financial resources so that you are not a burden to local social services (a recent bank statement in your name, with a balance of €4,200 or more, per person);

2) Health Insurance: minimum duration one year (average cost of one-year premium is €224);

3) Application Form: see sample at this link;

4) Passport Copy: for each applicant;

5) Accommodation: If you own and Italian property, copy of property title, for example purchase contract, succession paperwork, gift deed; otherwise, registered lease agreement or other evidence of accommodation arrangements (for example, letter of hospitality by a relative or a friend);

6) Marriage Certificate (only if you are applying with your spouse, both being EU citizens): along with an Italian translation.

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