We assist foreign clients from all over the world with all kinds of cross-border estate matters, such as inheritance claims, succession filing (“dichiarazione di successione”), estate planning, preparation of wills and disputes all over Italy.

team of English speaking Italian lawyers works every day on cross-border succession matters involving Italian assets and have processed hundreds of cases. This results in our team being up to date and well-versed in all aspects of the subject. Our extensive knowledge, efficient international working style and established legal tradition make our services a unique option. These factors allow us to offer prompt and high quality services for competitive rates.

Most of our succession and inheritance Clients (such as testators and heirs) are from Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom and United States of America.

We work often on succession matters based on foreign wills involving Italian real estate, Italian bank accounts, life insurance, safe deposit box and invested funds.

We also represent foreign Clients with inheritance claims in Court and discuss cases up to the Italian Supreme Court (Corte di Cassazione), the highest level of jurisdiction in Italy.

Below is a list of some of the most frequently requested Italian succession and Inheritance services:

  1. International estate planning: review personal goals, family circumstances, estate entity, nature and location, and advise on risks and opportunities;
  2. Foreign Wills: consultation for preparation, review, amendment of foreign wills, for example regarding Italian assets;
  3. Succession filing: determine applicable succession law, identify estate, beneficiaries and respective inheritance rights, prepare and optimize estate for succession, calculate and settle succession taxes, prepare succession documents, validate and enforce foreign wills in Italy, file succession paperwork, put estate in name of beneficiaries;
  4. Estate discovery: search Italian property titles and interests, bank accounts and other assets a beneficiary might be entitled to;
  5. Will discovery: search wills left in Italy, serch Italian revoked wills;
  6. Inheritance Claim: claim life insurance award, withdraw funds from bank accounts, arrange shipment of goods overseas;
  7. Terminate co-tenancy (joint ownership termination): assist joint owners getting out of a joint ownership, amicably or through Court;
  8. Relinquish Italian Inheritance right;
  9. Liquidate the estate: sell Italian properties or shares of properties, sell invested funds, monetize assets on behalf of beneficiaries;
  10. Take succession disputes to Court;
  11. Address partition claims to resolve joint property ownership matters;
  12. International documents: prepare documents in foreign countries to be used in Italy without involvement of Italian consular offices (applicable for USA, UK, Australia, Ireland); validate documents in Italy in Court under oath.

We have repeatedly and successfully carried out the activities above adopting very efficient international protocols, which have proved to be more effective than the traditional bureaucratic ones.

Our business structure allows us to address all involved aspects with very little in person involvement for our Clients, who are not required to meet us in person nor to be present in Italy for any formality.

Since we have carried many times the activities above we can accurately predict up front how much time it will take us to complete the work. This allows you to receive a comprehensive estimate with detailed cost breakdown, including our fees, charges to third parties and taxes, from start to finish.

Contact us to discuss your specific case circumstances with an experienced lawyer. We will be glad to give you a feedback about risks, opportunities, duties, options, deadlines and costs. 

Read also our Frequently Asked Questions about Italian Succession Law.

Nick Metta


Qualified as an Italian lawyer in 2000, Nicola Maria (Nick) is partner of Studio Legale Metta and heads the International Department which he founded in 2004.


Dario Gambino


Dario joined the International Department of the firm in 2014. His primary area of practice is civil law with a focus on real estate and inheritance matters.


Qualified as an Italian lawyer in 2009, Dionisio joined the International Department of the firm in 2012.




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