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Representing non-Italians in Italian Property legal matters is one of the key areas handled by Studio Legale Metta’s international practice. Headed by partner Nick Metta the real estate team of Italian lawyers assists clients throughout Italy and its islands with all aspects of conveyance, covering property purchase, property sale and property inheritance, throughout the entire process. Clients are in direct contact with the partner in charge of their matter, receiving regular updates about their case.

The firm follows a strict deontological code of ethics and stringently avoids any situation of conflict of interest. This is one of the firm’s founding principles which has allowed it to gain respect and establish its reputation over the past 120 years of practice. Clients of Studio Legale Metta can be certain that the firm is working solely on their behalf to facilitate a safe transaction securing their interests.

The firm has very competitive rates. Engaging Studio Legale Metta typically results in the client saving more through the firm’s assistance (i.e., tax benefits, appropriate strategy, negotiations with involved parties, etc.) than is spent in legal fees. The firm offers clients a comprehensive package of assistance for a pre-established fee. The legal work is carried out by experienced Italian lawyers. Activities included in the comprehensive property purchase package are as follows:
•  Review, advise and amend the purchase offer or reservation form prior to signature;
Review, advise and amend the preliminary purchase agreement (contratto preliminare di compravendita – compromesso) according to buyer’s specific personal needs;
• Mediate with vendor, owner and agent to collect all information pertaining to owner, vendor and development;
•  Search Chamber of Commerce records regarding vendor/owner’s bankruptcy or financial constraints;
•  Review status of mortgages (ipoteca ), liens or third-party rights on property;
•  Review property details recorded in Italian public registries;
•  Review planning permission(s) and related documents;
•  Review owner’s title and consistency with public records;
•  Review seller’s right and power to sell the property;
•  Estimate transaction costs;
•  Draft a customized interim transaction report for buyer prior to completion which details all transaction terms, effects and related recommended course of action up to completion;
•  Assist buyer in execution and formalization of preliminary agreement for signature and exchange with other party;
•  Ensure a safe and secure payment of related deposit without need to be physically present (via email or post);>
•  Provide basic advice on tax benefits regarding transfer taxes;
•  Represent buyer’s interests through mediation with Notary public also regarding personal information and legal status;
•  Provide information and legal advice regarding default Italian law applicable to Italian property purchase when buyer is married;
•  Assist with transaction payments to all parties involved, including notary;
•  Mediate with notary regarding final purchase contract (atto definitivo);
•  Advise regarding mandatory annual local ICI tax, related initial report, and annual payments.

Assistance beyond that in the comprehensive package is also available for separate pre-established fees. Some examples of activities are:
•  Obtain Italian tax code ( codice fiscale ) – it is mandatory to have an Italian tax code prior to completion;
•  Representation as and/or assistance with obtaining a Power of Attorney to sign final contract on client’s behalf;
•  Certified legal translations (e.g., contracts, deeds, certificates, technical reports);
•  International legalization of documents, including Apostille seal;
•  Assistance in obtaining a mortgage and/or loan (mutuo);
•  Assistance in opening an Italian bank account with cheque books and on-line access;
•  In-person counsel during meetings, negotiations, contracting, etc.;
•  Assistance regarding connection of utilities (electricity, water, etc.);
•  Assistance regarding municipal and national tax duties;
•  Assistance regarding insurance contract, security system, maintenance agreements, etc.

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