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Virtual Italian Lawyer

Technology has long been a catalyst for change, empowering organizations to increase productivity and adopt more competitive business models. The legal sector is no exception.

In 1887, when Studio Legale Metta was founded in Italy, we would never have dreamed of taking on new clients without first meeting them. Most of our clients probably would have said the same thing only 5 years ago too.

Yet here we are, spanning the globe with bricks and mortar offices in Italy, the U.S. and, England for those who really do want to meet face to face, and a dynamic team of top bilingual lawyers who increasingly operate virtually.

We are excited to be part of a new era of legal expertise that truly knows no borders or boundaries.

A virtual Italian lawyer operates operates remotely and can tailor flexible packages that match your needs.

Are you based in Canada and purchasing property in Italy? Then we can immediately step up and help you. We provide legal advice and guidance through to hands-on price negotiations and contract signing.

Are you in Dublin or Cambridge, or on the Isle of Skye, and find you have inherited an Italian estate you need to address? You don’t even have to travel to Italy – we can claim, manage and even liquidate the estate for you.

Because we operate virtually we can tailor flexible packages that perfectly match your needs. We can put in as much or as little time and help as you see fit. We can dip in and out and this means we can offer additional services which may not traditionally have been considered legal remits. For instance, do you need to sign a power of attorney, to relinquish inheritance rights? We can set this up for you remotely. Do you need to get a codice fiscale (the Italian tax code)? It can take embassies several months to give you satisfactory feedback. We can get it done within just a few business days without your having to go through all the official red tape in Italy or at Italian Consulates.

Being agile is not something that generally comes easily to those in the legal sector. Law firms are often tied down by legacy models, many lawyers tend to have a very traditional outlook and approach and are slow to adopt change. Studio Legale Metta is different. We have flipped this outdated model on its head allowing us to offer top quality legal expertise that accommodates our clients’ changing requirements.

We have numerous foreign clients, based in Italy and overseas, who have already run the gauntlet of local Italian lawyers and need some unbiased legal advice. The fact that we speak English helps, of course, but the biggest differentiation is our capacity to step back and offer sound legal options that take in the bigger picture. This can prove invaluable particularly when there may be conflicting interest with, say, local lawyers or third parties.

Though we are proficient at working virtually we are always delighted when we do meet our clients face-to-face. Often that happens months after we started working together, over a glass of prosecco to celebrate the successful outcome!

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