If you wish to apply for Italian citizenship, please complete this form to help us understand the circumstances applicable to your case.
This form is valid for first Italian citizenship applications, for Italian citizenship recognition and for applications to regain the Italian citizenship, if you were an Italian citizen and lost the Italian citizenship, for example because you acquired a foreign nationality before 1992.
Upon receipt of the completed form we will review your information and will follow up with our comments about possible options and cost estimate of our service.










General information for all applicants:


You might be planning to process your citizenship file by ascendant, marriage, regaining or naturalization. Based on your personal situation, you might be entitled to more than one option. Please complete the form with the information relevant to your case by selecting one or more options below:




I have obtained the Data Protection informative note under article 13 of the European Regulation no. 679/2016 and have read it.

I approve the content thereof and I declare my free consent for Studio Legale Associato Metta to process my personal information for the purposes of my case.

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