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• Please be aware of the following Italian national holidays (non-business days):

January 1 and 6
Easter Monday
April 25
May 1
June 2
August 15
November 1
December 8, 25 and 26







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I have obtained the Privacy Policy and have read it.

I approve the content thereof and I declare my free consent for The Italian Bureau and for Studio Legale Associato Metta to process my personal information for the purposes of my case.

Cancellation policy:

Upon your payment we will process your order and you will receive some documents from us via email for you to sign them and email them back to us. We offer a refund if you cancel the request before we deliver the tax code, as follows:

a) 100% refund if you cancel the tax code request before you email back the signed documents to us;

b) 50% refund if you cancel the service within 1 hour after you mail us the signed documents;

c) 20% refund after we receive the signed forms from you under the condition that our team has not applied for your tax code yet;

d) No refund if we receive the cancellation request after we have already applied for the tax code.

I have read the Cancellation policy and I approved it.

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