A trusted Italian law firm. Since 1887.

Studio Legale Metta handles Italian legal matters for private and corporate clients primarily from the USA, the UK, Ireland and Australia.

We assist foreign clients with legal matters throughout Italy. Based on our extensive international experience we have established proven procedures which enable our clients to achieve extraordinary outcomes without travelling to Italy.

We are a boutique Italian law firm internationally recognized especially for its real estate and cross border succession practice areas.

Our knowledgeable team of bilingual Italian lawyers provides fast, accurate and cost-effective services. Our extensive knowledge and experience, efficient international working style and established legal tradition make our services unique.


Inheritance and Wills

We focus on International Successions, drafting Wills that cover international aspects and Estate Planning when different nationalities, geographies and jurisdictions are involved.

Italian Real Estate

Our team has worked on more than a thousand International Real Estate transactions involving Italian properties throughout Italy. We manage purchases, sales, divorce title transfers and donations.

Visa & Immigration

Our Immigration Law Department handles visa applications for Italy as well as visas for those from Italy going to other countries. We also manage international adoptions, international residency changes.

Debt Collection

We have a robust and successful debt collection practice, addressing issues throughout Italy. We carry out extensive investigations of the debtor’s assets such as bank accounts, properties and vehicles.

Italian Family Law & Civil Unions

Studio Legale Metta assists clients of all nationalities in matters of Italian family law, helping to resolve conflicts involving marriage, divorce, cohabitation, paternity, alimony, child support and adoption.

Medical Malpractice

Our litigation department focuses on professional malpractice and injury cases. Our knowledgeable and experienced lawyers work with a nationwide network of forensic experts offering a timely service.

Administrative Law

Studio Legale Metta assists citizens and companies of all nationalities who are affected by acts of government that are considered to be unlawful in accordance with Italian law.

Canon Law

Canon Law is the Holy Roman Church’s domestic law, which regulates the faithful’s life (a.k.a. christifidelis). We assists clients of all nationalities in nullity of marriage and all other aspects of canon law.


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