6 August 2022 - Studio Metta was integral to completing my Jure Sanguinis citizenship case. Quick, comprehensive service - really went above and beyond to complete the process. Highly recommend their services.

Jason Miller (from Google reviews)

29 July 2022 - I was in need of an Italian fiscal code and this service was not provided by the Italian Embassy in DR Congo. Fortunately, SLM helped me to find it in record time and affordable price.

Pacifique KOSHIKWINJA Matabishishi (from Google and Facebook reviews)

25 July 2022 - I was so excited when my citizenship by marriage was awarded to me on January 25, 2022 (after 3 1/2 long years)! The joy was quickly extinguished by what became clear would be a daunting task of taking all the necessary steps to get from being in the middle of my residency process begun by another service to getting my citizenship processed and my Italian passport in my hands. I first contacted the firm I'd been using but they didn't know what to do - but said they could charge me 25 euro an hour to see if they could figure it out. No thank you.

Two friends recommended Studio Legal Metta. I contact Nick Metta, who assured me his firm knew how to proceed. He connected me with local staff in Bari, and lickety-split we were off to the races. It still took a few months but it was an orderly process and my confused and overwhelmed little hands were held all along the way. (In true Italian theatre, the mayor of my comune was put on house arrest a week before I was to take my oath, and a sour-tempered woman at the Questura seemed to have a personal vendetta against me. But, SLM navigated it all professionally and expertly).

I recommend Studio Legale Metta WITHOUT HESITATION. I will go back to them for literally every bit of legal help I need in Italy from here on out. Postscript: The lawyers assigned to me were Antonio Cammarano and Giandomenico Murro. I worked primarily with Giandomenico. He was fantastic - warm, professional, knowledgeable and as patient as the day is long.

Mo O (from Google reviews)

12 July 2022 - Fast, efficient service.

Danaan Miller (from Google reviews)

9 July 2022 - Mi sono imbattuto in diversi studi legali in Italia. Tutti tendono ad essere molto professionali. Credo che lo Studio Legale Metta sia andato oltre grazie al suo servizio gentile, veloce ed efficiente, alle sue persone e alla semplicità e trasparenza che la loro attività esulta sul loro sito web, insieme alle sue numerose recensioni positive e credibili. Sono profondamente grato per il loro onesto supporto legale riguardo in particolare a come mi hanno aiutato a ottenere il mio Codice Fiscale in modo così rapido, oltre a un meraviglioso impegno e comunicazione con uno dei loro partner/dipendenti - - Marco. Molto apprezzato!

Roberto Wittmann Jiménez (from Facebook reviews)

9 July 2022 - Studio Legale Metta [SLM] have assisted me for over a year, first with a property purchase in Italy, then with acquiring the Italian residence, and most recently with sorting out the local taxes and utilities. For this last action, I would like to commend Corinna Cocolo who helped to untangle a big mess while being professional and friendly at the same time.

The fact that I am a repeat customer of SLM is a strong endorsement on its own, but I would like to also make another point that recommends the firm: the invaluable help they provide to unpick the local bureaucracy, which can be opaque to outsiders like myself. Italy is a lovely country and its people are warm and friendly, yet, the business code is rather different from what you may be used to if you lived in the US/UK or Northern Europe.

As I am reasonably proficient in Italian (read/write at least), I embarked confidently on setting the utility contracts on my own thinking: How hard could it be? After all, I had done this many times previously when living in the UK. And yet things got quickly into a mess. As for the local taxes (TARI), I did what the local authority site described as necessary, but I received no feedback to acknowledge the receipt of documents or to request more information. Just as well SLM provide the property management service! Once I approached them, Corinna fixed everything for us efficiently while keeping myself and my wife in the loop with her progress, making us feel like we were talking to a friend. In just a few days she sorted out everything and lifted the burden that we had been carrying on our shoulders for months.

Stefan (from Google reviews)

7 July 2022 - Marco was excellent with fast service, and everything done and worked well. I would recommend Studio Legale Metta for anyone needing help with these matters.

Pete Keane (from Google reviews)

1 July 2022 - Very helpful!! Thank you so much.

Olivier Robillard (from Google reviews)

28 June 2022 - Extremely excellent, very professional, faultless and at the same time sincere approach. It's hard to describe the Metta office with these words. Since 2018, I have been working with them to obtain "permit to stay" on yearly basis for me and my wife. With their help, I easily succeeded in obtaining stay permits in Italy, which at first seemed very difficult and complicated to me. I would like to thank all the Metta office members who guided me during this time, and especially Antonio Cammarano, who has been my companion since day one. Antonio is an amazing person. If he is going to take care of you, then you are very lucky.

Erhan Kale (from Google reviews)

28 June 2022 - We recently relocated to Roma and were in the final stages of obtaining our Permesso di Soggiorno (Permit to Stay) when we ran into some bureaucratic walls. Realizing that we would not be able to do this ourselves, we reached out to Studio Legale Metta. Best move ever. Martina Pavone and Antonio Cammarano were the ultimate professionals, extremely knowledgeable and were always with a quick response whenever we needed one. We would not have been able to accomplish this without their guidance and expertise. We will be utilizing their services again when it’s time for residency and citizenship. Highly recommend!

Myra Bortka (from Google reviews)

20 June 2022 - I never met them in person, but communication was very good and very effective cooperation.

Anna Nohawica (from Google reviews)

20 June 2022 - I have had an excellent interaction with this law firm. The services provided exceeded my expectations. Even though we have not met in person the instructions were clear and communication was swift and extremely professional. Given the superb service, I have hired this law firm to represent me in purchasing property in Rome.

Silwana Sidorczuk (from Facebook reviews)

18 June 2022 - Excellent, swift service. Much appreciated and recommended.

Magdalena Ganestam (from Facebook reviews)

16 June 2022 - Many thanks to Corinna Cocolo of Studio Metta Legale who helped me out to pay my IMU this year. It was a thoroughly professional experience, no hassle and completed on time before the payment deadline. I would definitely use this service again and would highly recommend her to anyone in a similar position.

Carl West (from Google reviews)

10 June 2022 - Working with Studio Legale Metta to assist us with our Italian property purchase has been one of the best decisions my husband and I have made. Nicola Iannone handled the entire process seamlessly from beginning to end. Now we are working with the amazing Corinna Cocolo for our property management needs. She was able to connect all of our utilities in advance of our arrival in Italy. Corinna is very responsive and is available to help whenever the need arises. With our limited Italian, I could not imagine the obstacles we would have faced without Corinna’s help. We highly recommend Studio Legale Metta!

Kay Jones (from Google reviews)

7 June 2022 - I've been a client of Studio Legale Metta [SLM] for many years now, and I can offer exceedingly positive comments about the firm. I first made contact with Nick Metta when I was contemplating purchasing property in Italy. Nick and his colleagues at SLM were extraordinarily helpful to me. They attended expertly to all my legal needs and identified a mortgage broker and an Italian bank that issued me the mortgage. I was also concerned about how I was going to pay for my recurring utilities and condominium and other expenses from the United States, and Nick and his colleagues set up an escrow account at SLM for me. I transfer funds monthly to the account, and SLM pays all of my utilities on my behalf: electricity, water, gas, television, telephone, condominium, taxes, etc. It's as painless and as easy as can be. Corinna Cocolo most recently has assumed responsibility for this function, and has performed professionally and collegially. Most importantly, everyone at SLM has become a dear friend. They're warm, gracious, professional, polite, and collegial. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have made the acquaintance of Nick Metta and his wonderful colleagues, and I recommend SLM with the greatest enthusiasm.

Anthony Cummings (from Google reviews)

6 June 2022 - Studio Legale Metta has been our trusted partners in filing our annual taxes for our property in Italy. They are thorough, quick, and accurate every year. Most importantly, they communicate very well and are very responsive to any questions we raise. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them for years to come.

Tom Comerford (from Google reviews)
3 June 2022 - Very professional and helpful, Grazie!!!!
Javier Perrigo (from Google reviews)

25 May 2022 - Dear Giandomenico and Antonio, please accept my heartfelt thanks for all that you did to make this dream a reality for me. I very much appreciate all that you both did to complete this process and achieve the outcome we needed. I would be my pleasure to provide recommendations for the services your law firm offers. As you are well aware, we are repeat customers  and we will not hesitate to engage your firm for any future Italian  legal needs. Grazie mille.

C.L.R., Martinsburg, West Virginia, USA

24 May 2022 - Highly recommended. I am applying for Italian residence and needed to get a Italian tax code. I worked with Marco, the process was fast, easy and professional.

Dan Golio (from Google reviews)

23 May 2022 - Absolute fantastic service. Had an issue that quickly needed sorting out. SLM came to the rescue in super quick time. Highly recommend their services to any ex-patriate seeking to navigate their way around Italian bureaucracy.

James Kelly (from Google reviews)

16 May 2022 - My wife and I are moving from the US to Italy and have used SLM for several issues and will use them in the future. I am a dual citizen and my wife is US citizen. The firm helped us secure our codice fiscale in two weeks. They have provided us fast and effective legal advice as we work our way thru to residency. As a lawyer myself, I was and continued to be impressed by how quick and efficient each lawyer is that we have dealt with. I highly recommend employing this form for all of your legal needs in Italy. I cant say enough about how timely they are with their work. Readily available y phone and email. All speak fluent English.

Russell Pitts (from Google reviews)

10 May 2022 - Got the Italian personal tax number in a few days. Good experience and fairly priced.

Tymen van Dyl (from Google reviews)

3 May 2022 - SLM was an essential piece when purchasing a property in Italy as an American citizen. They assisted us during every step - from negotiating contracts with the seller, to ensuring we had the proper legal paperwork submitted to the local municipality. They were responsive, professional, and knowledgeable. We are extremely grateful for their guidance.

Tyson Bogumill (from Google reviews)

2 May 2022 - I would like to share my experiences working with SLM. I was new in business running teams in the renewable industry, I was offered an opportunity to expand my business into Italy. I knew nothing about the Italian laws and rules for UK workers to enter and the requirements needed to meet the standards. After some google searches I was introduced to Alessandro who took control of everything, he was very responsive, efficient getting by documents drawn up even though I had 11 staff it was an easy process. Since then I have used SLM and Alessandro for any business in Italy, this is my 4 year using and every season after, now I will using them to set up an Italy branch. If you want quick efficient quality service then you don’t need to look anywhere else. I have never met them in person but I can trust them to do the business I require at short notice. Amazing service.

Paul Bonar (from Google reviews)

26 April 2022 - Highly recommend. Always clear and concise answers to my questions. Many thanks.

Nikolas B (from Google reviews)

26 April 2022 - I have been very happy with the services they provided. They were very responsive, transparent and patient throughout the entire process.

George Lucciola (from Google reviews)

24 April 2022 - After a first big mandate in 2019 that lasted almost two years, I turned to Studio Legale Metta again this spring for a certificate to be registered in Italy, at the Bari Civil Registry Office. As always, the lawyers took care of all the bureaucratic formalities (done remotely and online, as I am living abroad) quickly and accurately, and communication was always efficient and reliable. I highly recommend this law firm for the great professionalism, competence and efficiency they have shown every time, both for complex assignments and for simpler bureaucratic formalities. Special thanks are due also to Lawyer D. Gambino for his continued excellent assistance. Bravi, continuate così :-)!

Caterina Palella (from Google reviews)

18 April 2022 - I would like to extend our most sincere “thank you” for the detailed and exceptional service we received from your firm. We would also like to extend a “special” thank you to Nicola Iannone for his hard work and dedication to our file.

A.T., Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

12 April 2022 - I am very happy with the services to obtain so quickly my tax ID for purchase of a home in Italy. I will most likely need further assistance from them and am very happy with the quick and through response.

Joanne Drake (from Google reviews)

8 April 2022 - Amazing service at a very competitive price! Just as quick and easy as described on the website, completed entirely online. I had to get an Italian tax code and all I did was fill in the form on their website, sign the application form they emailed me and in only 3 days it was ready! SLM exceeded my expectations and Marco Chirivì was very helpful and quick to answer any questions I had about the process. Would totally recommend to anyone needing legal services.

Joana (from Google reviews)

7 April 2022 - A pleasure to work with Marco on obtaining the codice fiscale from abroad. His replies were prompt, and all with detail. If you need to get your tax code from abroad I highly recommend these services.

Hudson Paul (from Google reviews)

3 April 2022 - My husband and I contacted Nick Metta after our property closing in Italy did not take place as expected. Even though we should have contacted SLM prior to contracting on the property, the firm was very helpful to us in a long journey through the Italian court system. There were times over the 6+ years that we considered giving up on the money we had paid to the seller but Nick was always willing to talk with us to help us understand the ins and outs of the court system we were not familiar with. His firm helped us recover our deposit and most of the legal fees that were paid in the process. If you need a true ally and someone to help you navigate the Italian court/legal system, we would highly recommend Studio Legale Metta.

Tracey Whiston (from Google reviews)

21 March 2022 - Studio Legale Metta handled the purchase of our Italian home with high expertise and professional etiquette. Thank you Nicola Iaonne for your very responsive and most professional service. We will recommend your firm wholeheartedly to anyone we know in Canada who also may be looking to achieve their dream.

Andrea Ross (from Google reviews)

2 March 2022 - The internet is full of attorneys but finding a quality legal firm is hard to come by. Studio Legale Metta is one of the few legal firms that puts clients first before profits. This firm is nothing short of providing excellent client care, expert advice, and fulfilling services both effectively and efficiently, especially during the height of the pandemic. I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to be represented by Mr. Nick Metta, Mr. Marco Chirivi, and Mr. Dario Gambino as they were all truly invaluable in resolving an arduous issue in Italy. If you are seeking cost-effective professional legal advice with positive results from a firm that’s been around for more than 100 years, then look no further.

Joe Della Ripa (from LinkedIn reviews)

21 February 2022 - If we had to describe Studio Legale Metta in as few words as possible, those would be, professional, competent, service-oriented, and personable. We had first contacted Nick Metta roughly 2 years ago for a consultation about purchasing a property in Italy. He was extremely generous with his time and knowledge. When we finally found the property that we were interested in purchasing, we contacted him again when he assigned us a truly wonderful lawyer named Nicola Iannone to assist us. From obtaining the cod fiscale, to conducting escrow, from negotiating the purchase price to closing the deal, Nicola and the SLM family were consistently available and always happy to help. My family and I recommend Studio Legale Metta without hesitation. If you are looking to buy a property in Italy and don't know where to start (as was the case for us!), get in touch with SLM. You will be taken care of before, during, and after the purchase. Many thanks to you Nick, and Nicola, and to the entire SLM Family for going the extra mile for us!

Ghazi Faisal Al-Mulaifi (from Google reviews)

13 February 2022 - I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for your help to complete the ’not so simple’ real estate transaction. It was a pleasure working with you all. A fine team of experts indeed.

R.M., Singapore

7 February 2022 - Let me take this opportunity to express my positive experience with your service and your very much appreciated understanding. Surely, I will consider your service for other matters in the nearby future.

R.H., London, UK

29 January 2022 - Hello Nicola, your company did an outstanding job guiding us through the property purchase process and we are very thankful for it. We are all moved into our Lecco apartment and couldn’t be happier. Thanks again for all your diligence and effort towards making this possible. Signing SLM was the turning point and we are thankful we found you.

T.B., Helena, Montana, USA

25 January 2022 - Dear Dario, Thank you for the update. For what should have been an easy transaction but quite the contrary it was not possible without you and the Metta team.  Therefore my mother and I express sincere gratitude to you, Nicola, and Marco for your diligence, patience, and professionalism.

J.D.R., Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

14 January 2022 - Amazing and very professional service. I am absolutely impressed. Very good people, responded to all emails fast. Very courteous behaviour. I totally recommend SLM. I got my tax code delivered well before the stipulated time.

Gopikrishnan C Remesan (from Google reviews)

23 December 2021 - I engaged Studio Legale Metta to assist with cross-country legal documentation on different matters, requiring a solid expertise and practice of Italian law. From the first phone consultations with partner Nick Metta, based in the USA, I knew that SLM was the right law firm for the job. I worked closely with attorneys, Dario Gambino, Dionisio Altamura and Marco Chirivì. They are outstanding professionals and their responsiveness and work quality was excellent!

Vasken Sarkissian (from Google reviews)

22 December 2021 - Peter, as an attorney who worked a couple of decades in the private sector, I’m a demanding client. Your service, and that of Antonio, has been superb. To all of you, I wish the happiest of holidays and a prosperous, satisfying New Year.

K. M., Moses Lake, Washington, USA

17 December 2021 - I live in the US, don’t speak any Italian and contacted SLM after learning that a relative in Italy passed away without a will. There was little information regarding the estate that I could provide. The legal team at SLM did a thorough background check, identified real estate parcels, tracked down financial assets and negotiated with other heirs who also live outside Italy. The lawyers at SLM exceeded my expectations during negotiations and kept me up to date by email throughout the process. I am satisfied with the outcome.

Maureen Haas (from Google reviews)

15 December 2021 - It's been a pleasure working with you, and I hope to continue to do so for the remainder of the Citizenship process and Carta d’Identita process.  Also, as I’ve mentioned before, I really appreciate your tenacity and availability when dealing with the lack of interest of particularly the Comune representative regarding the Citizenship.

G. B., Asheville, North Carolina, USA

5 December 2021 - I contacted Studio Legale Metta for help with obtaining Italian heath insurance that would meet the requirements for our elective residency visa application. We needed this insurance for our appointment that was one week away. They responded promptly, and the entire process went smoothly. We received the policy on time. The prices they offer are reasonable compared to other firms. I highly recommend Studio Legale Metta. Thank you!

Robert Lang (from Google reviews)

29 November 2021 -  I received the policy today. Thank you for getting this done so quickly. I will certainly recommend you firm for people I know needing visa or immigration help.

R.L., Ignacio, Colorado (USA)

25 November 2021 - Perfect service - exactly what I required. Clear communication, very responsive. Highly recommended.

Richard Urwin (from Google reviews)

12 November 2021 - Getting a codice fiscale so you can rent or buy a property in Italy in order to apply for a long term visa is one of the most confusing parts of the visa process. The consulate will tell you that you need to first get a tentative lease or purchase agreement and then notify them to have a CF sent to you so you can complete the transaction OR hire a legal firm in Italy to apply for you before searching for a place. The problem with the first option is that it is very hard to get a property owner to make the initial agreement if you don't already have the CF - especially if you aren't in one of the major population centers. They are usually not well informed about the process or just decide that it is too much of a hassle. I chose the second option and used Studio Legale Metta to apply for me. There was a cost involved, but it was very much worth it - even with the additional fee they charged because you have to give them a limited power of attorney in Italy to act on your behalf. SLM was very efficient and professional. They responded to my initial contact immediately and emailed out the paper work for me to sign within 24 hours. Once I signed and emailed back the signed documents, they said it would take up to 9 business days. I had my CF within 4! I couldn't be more satisfied with their service. I highly recommend them!

Richard Bulcroft (from Google reviews)

9 November 2021 - Professionalità, competenza ed umanità. L'Avvocato F. Metta ha seguito la nostra causa con estrema dedizione, guidandoci in ogni tappa. Certamente consigliato!!!!

Sabrina Salvia (from Google reviews)

27 October 2021 - This Italian Law Firm did an excellent job acquiring an Italian Fiscale Code. They were thoroughly professional and kept me updated on the progress. They actually delivered the service 6 days early. I highly recommend them.

Maria Ruvio (from Google reviews)

26 October 2021 - I reached out to Studio Legale Metta for help with obtaining an Italian Tax Code. They responded promptly & went beyond and above in ensuring the entire process went smoothly and rapidly. Not only I was able to obtain in within a very short time frame, but also at a very reasonable cost and they acted with utmost professionalism from start to finish. I highly recommend Studio Legale Metta. Thank you!

Ramona Dragnea (from Google reviews)

25 October 2021 - Studio Legale Metta helped me buy a house in Italy at the height of the pandemic (spring 2021) when all countries in Europe were in some form of lockdown. I was pretty clear what I wanted to buy and I can speak some Italian, but I was stranded in Romania, unable to travel. SLM’s help was essential to get the transaction done, especially in those difficult days. They did a brilliant job at explaining the process and the pitfalls to watch out for. Their communication was always clear and they went out of their way to accommodate my needs. I would like to commend in particular Raffaella Cuomo who worked very hard to keep things moving and keep everybody on board (as is often the case with property purchases, there were irregularities with the house that had to be sorted out).

Stefan (from Google reviews)

22 October 2021 - We used Studio Legale Metta to obtain a codice fiscale for a relative. Very professional, straightforward, and fast. A strong recommendation from us!

Bob Nease (from Google reviews)

20 October 2021 - Nick, there were a lot of points that my notaio wanted and needed to add into the discussion to help solidify her thoughts and the correct approach.  And, my commercialista was very keen to make sure the 2021 tax reporting and the succession reporting will be aligned.  A very key confirmation for them both. I cannot thank you enough for your steadfastness throughout the call, and especially for your professional approach, knowledge, and collegial way you discussed your legal "points of view" (ITA and also cross-border perspective) and the very clear rationale behind your thoughts and legal opinions.  You paved the way for them to see a clearer path forward and one that makes the most sense from every standpoint. Your time, guidance, and viewpoints carried the day today. Truly, truly outstanding and you have given all three of here the confidence to move forward as discussed and concluded at the end of the call.

G.D.G., New York, USA

7 October 2021 - Good afternoon. We got favorable word on our visa application on Sep 28th and have received them by express mail. We will be leaving the US on Wednesday Oct 13th on one of Alitalia’s last flights. Thank you for your assistance. Based on your work with us we have made several personal recommendations for your legal assistance to others similarly situated.

B. K. S., Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA

24 September 2021 - Great service, always professional and very quick. Recommend to everyone.

Alon Gook (from Google reviews)

16 September 2021 - Dear Antonio, it has always been a great pleasure to work with you and Giandomenico throughout this process. The Metta law firm is truly fortunate to have such personable, intelligent, and dynamic lawyers, like yourselves, working for them.

C. N., Mullica Hill, New Jersey, USA

14 September 2021 - I engaged Studio Legale Metta to assist with a property inheritance transaction because I don't live in Italy and am not familiar with the local rules and regulations. After an initial Zoom conversation with Nick Metta my case was handled by Dario Gambino. I could not be more satisfied. Dario is capable, professional, communicative and effective. My case was resolved successfully and with the minimum of fuss. Dario stepped me through all the requirements and kept me informed as the process took its course. If you need legal assistance in Italy and are not familiar with the Italian Legal system then go straight to Studio Legale Metta.

G Dompietro (from Google reviews)

13 September 2021 - Excellent customer service, clear instructions, thank you.

Paul Drew (from Google reviews)

3 September 2021 - I recently applied for a tax code through SLM. All communication was clear and highly efficient. SLM made the process painless and the service was extremely prompt. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend SLM.

Sally Burbeary (from Google reviews)

24 August 2021 - Very quick handling and providing of the tax codes. Professional and quick service. We recommend Studio Legale Metta.

Lucien Thomkins (from Google reviews)

21 August 2021 - Studio Legale Metta helped me with a fiscal code. Their service was professional, in time, no fuss and exceeded expectations. I can recommend their services for a fiscal code without any reservations.

Jaco E (from Google reviews)

19 August 2021 - We used the services of Studio Legale Metta to receive my tax code. Thanks to their professionalism and expertise, the process was very easy and fast. Highly recommend!

Kristie Reeves (from Google reviews)

3 August 2021 - We were very satisfied by the services. Highly professional attitude. Everything was done on time.

Julia Stauffer (from Google reviews)

21 July 2021 - Dear Nick, we enjoyed our visit with you Monday and found your consultation very helpful. And your summary email was also especially beneficial to us. Thank you so much for that.

S.O., Compignano (Marsciano), Perugia, Italy

19 July 2021 - Professional! Quick Service! My estate agent recommended me reaching out to SLM because I has having trouble getting my tax id in the US. Best decision ever! The form was easy to fill out - they answered my questions quickly - and I received my tax id in less than 5 days. For any US citizen not living in the EU - needing to get a tax id from the US - i strongly recommend going and ahead and paying the fees to have SLM help.

Christy Purser (from Google reviews)

14 July 2021 - I was largely satisfied with your services, and I would recommend you. I already have professional contacts who want the same type of service, they will surely contact you on my behalf. See you soon, I hope.

E. V., Cannes, France

31 May 2021 - Excellent service! Studio Legale Metta obtained my Italian tax code quickly and for a good value. I would highly reccomend.

Anthony Narcisi (from Google reviews)

15 May 2021 - I would like to thank Studio Legale Metta (SLM) for the successful sale. SLM handled all the necessary paperwork with expertise, timeliness and efficiency. This is the second time I have dealt with SLM and I would recommend them for their professionalism and helpfulness and for the reliability of their service, which are delivered flawlessly even remotely. As their customer, one feels in good hand. Thanks again to Lawyer Gambino, Lawyer Metta and all the SLM staff for the effective results achieved in this matter as well and keep up the good work.

Caty Palella (from Facebook reviews)

11 May 2021 - Siamo molto soddisfatte delle vostre prestazioni. Quello che apprezzo e apprezziamo maggiormente è la serietà e l'affidabilità con cui viene svolto il lavoro, il rispetto della tempistica e l'efficacia in termini di risultati - caratteristiche a cui siamo abituati, in Svizzera, quando ci rivolgiamo a un professionista che offre servizi alla clientela, ma che, purtroppo, non sempre sono fornite ovunque in Italia. Per fortuna vi sono esempi molto virtuosi, come il vostro studio, che spero faranno (o forse stanno già facendo) scuola. Ci tengo nuovamente a ringraziarla/ringraziarvi, anche a nome di mia mamma e mia sorella, per gli esiti positivi delle pratiche che avete sbrigato per noi.

C. P., Berna, Svizzera

6 May 2021 - My husband and I had an appointment with Nick Metta this morning regarding making a will. We are moving to Italy in less than 2 weeks. I can not tell you how much Nick helped us! He answered all questions and put us on the right track.

M.G. and R.B., Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

27 April 2021 - They helped me with the process to obtain my Codice Fiscale and they were fantastic. Very helpful!

Maria Claudia Echavarria (from Google reviews)

27 April 2021 - I received excellent service in receiving my Codice Fiscale from Studio Legale Metta. Communication was clear and the process was very professional. It was a delight doing business with SLM.

Neecie Surber (from Google reviews)

19 April 2021 - I highly recommend this company. The service is excellent and the value is great for the price. l am an EU citizen living in Canada and all my questions were answered regarding my plans to move to Italy and purchase a property there in the near future. Thank you so much!

Eva Pal (from Google reviews)

19 April 2021 - I highly recommend Studio Legale Metta. I'm attempting to buy an Italian property remotely from the UK during the Covid pandemic. So far they have helped me get my Italian Tax Code in super fast time. I dealt with Marco Chirivi and could not be happier with the service he provided. As an example ... He chased me up by text to suggest that a document that needed to be signed and which I hadn't returned might have gone to my spam folder. It had! Without his professional diligence I'd still be sitting around waiting, as being a tech luddite it hadn't occurred to me to check. Thank you Marco. I will definitely be using Studio Legale Metta as I move forward with my property purchase.

Sharon Howells (from Google reviews)

19 April 2021 - Applied through Studio Legale Metta for my tax code and I am highly satisfied with their services. Professional and fast.

Jens Krause (from Google reviews)

16 April 2021 - Un'ottima prestazione lavorativa dettata da professionalità e diligenza. Lo consiglio vivamente.

Gaetano Franco (from Google reviews)

9 April 2021 - I just wanted to share with the group that after listening to Chris' various episodes with Nick Metta, I booked an appointment with him for a consultation and it was very helpful. He is a wealth of knowledge on so many fronts. I would highly recommend his services if you have travel navigation or Italian taxation questions.

Chris Togni (from Facebook)

6 April 2021 - I engaged Studio Legale Metta (SLM) to represent me regarding an property inheritance transaction when my father passed away. I had previously attempted to complete the transaction myself but did not have any idea of the complexity of the requirements to transfer the property from my Dad to me. I used the google search to locate an attorney in Italy to assist me with the transaction. There were many choices, however I was greatly impressed by the SLM website which contains a wealth of information regarding the steps involved in this type of transaction as well as many others. The initial consultation with Nick Metta was extremely helpful and immediately relieved my anxiety regarding how I was going to get it done. I cannot thank SLM enough for their outstanding service. My case was handled by Dario Gambino. He was exceedingly knowledgeable, courteous and communication was always prompt and thorough. The process was explained in great detail and became very easy with his guidance and knowledge of the issues. I am so satisfied with the expertise and professionalism of SLM, I have also engaged their services in the property sale transaction. We have already begun and I am very confident in their invaluable experience. I high recommend SLM.

Gina Capone (from Google reviews)

19 March 2021 - I have no hesitation in recommending this company. The legal advice I received was straightforward and easy to understand and very good value for money. An excellent experience, thank you.

Faye Wilson (from Facebook reviews)

19 February 2021 - Gentilissimi e molto professionale dalla amministrazione al Sig. Metta. Grazie per il vostro aiuto e supporto.

Alessandra Rocci (from Google reviews)

21 January 2021 - I highly recommend Studio Legale Metta. Their response was fast, the work was very professional, high ethical standards, precise and with high quality. They constantly communicated me updates through email. They made every easy with less stress for me. I only have gratitude and applauds for them.

Anthony Riani (from Google reviews)

29 December 2020 - Lo Studio Metta, ed in particolare l'avv. Raffaella Cuomo, la quale ha seguito la nostra pratica, ha messo tutto il suo impegno e la sua professionalità per concludere nei tempi più brevi e senza intoppi una compravendita assai complessa, anche visto i tempi correnti difficili. Vi ringraziamo nuovamente per la positiva conclusione e per la Vostra impeccabile disponibilità e dedizione. Salutiamo e ringraziamo tantissimo anche l'avv. Nicola Metta.

Turker Peter (from Google reviews)

28 December 2020 - In June of 2020, we engaged SLM for an Italian property purchase after a consultation with Nick Metta. The attention to detail in the services provided by SLM (by Nick and all of the staff) and specifically by Raffaella Cuomo were excellent. Their representation of our interests in connection with our successful condominium purchase was everything that we had hoped it would be. Over the years, although we have completed many real estate transactions in the U.S., in attempting our property purchase in Italy, we were very fortunate to have the benefit of SLM's invaluable experience. I know that we wouldn't have attempted this purchase without them.

Christopher Bianchi (from Google reviews)

17 December 2020 - Great service and communication during a very long and complicated purchase process due to Covid delays. Would highly recommend.

Nancy Richardson (from Google reviews)

17 December 2020 - Efficient, professional, and a pleasure to work with! They helped us with residence and immigration matters and were extremely helpful throughout the entire process. Highly recommend!

Ali Quarforth (from Google reviews)

13 December 2020 - Excellent service, good communication, even if we did not meet in person, the all process was run very smoothly.

Emanuela Luzzani (from Google reviews)

10 December 2020 - I would like to say that you have all been very helpful form start to finish and made what I believe is an otherwise painful experience, extremely easy which I cannot thank you enough for.

A.V.P., Brighton, England, UK

23 November 2020 - We appointed Studio Legal Metta and Antonio Cammarano to assist us in obtaining our Italian residency qualification. They provided an excellent service and in particular: a) clear and regular communications, both by email and by phone; b) great expertise in negotiating a number of hurdles we found in our path; c) calm and confidence when it looked as though our timetable was slipping because of local delays. In addition, the use of technology by Studio Legal Metta - whether for certifying documents online, for ease of necessary payments etc - made a very real difference to the process. We will use the practice again, for sure, on other matters which may arise.

Richard A., London, England, UK

22 November 2020 - I found Studio Legale Metta (SLM) on the internet because I was looking for legal advice on a matter of cross - border inheritance law and estate planning (IT/US). Lawyer Nicola Maria Metta gave us clear and precise information on each step of the procedures required in Italy and immediately set to work in collaboration with Lawyers Dario Gambino e Marco Chirivì. The communication with Mr. Metta, Mr. Gambino and Mr. Chirivì was always rapid, well understandable and effective. Step by step they reached the objectives that were set and thanks to the professionalism, know-how, perseverance and reliability of SLM we were able to overcome a deadlock situation. I am very grateful and satisfied with the great job done and I fully recommend Lawyer Metta and his team from SLM to anyone who needs assistance or competent advice from a reliable law firm.

Caty Palella (from Facebook reviews)

21 November 2020 - Very professional and helpful in unlocking a complex situation. We could see genuine interest to our case.

Linda Cristalli (from Google reviews)

9 November 2020 - I requested a codice fiscale certificato, as I was having an extremely hard time requesting my papers as a dual Italian citizen in Italy, go figure. So much confusion and bureaucracy!! But Marco at SLM was a breeze to communicate with and the process was so easy. Everything is filled out for you, you sign, and that's it. A week later I received a scan of the certificate and the hard copy arrived promptly after. Couldn't recommend this firm more!

Lexi Kassler (from Google reviews)

5 November 2020 - In these difficult times with all the uncertainty about travel and visas, my husband and I turned to Nick Metta and Marco Chirivi at SLM for help with our immigration. Their advice was perfect. They are very supportive. Their rates are very very very reasonable. They respond quickly and thoroughly. Beautiful English spoken by all. We really appreciate them.

Molly Klein (from Facebook reviews)

28 October 2020 - Many thanks indeed for all of your help. I have found your service outstanding, and knowledge of the issues very thorough. I have already recommended Studio Legale Metta to three friends, two of whom have already been in contact with Nick, I think. I have also recommended you to my son. I am certain that should I have other issues of citizenship I will be in contact with your firm again.

P. W., London, England, UK

27 October 2020 - Fast and helpful communication with the office, as well as a quickly processed application. The officials were nice.

Matus Turis (from Google reviews)

21 October 2020 - We cannot thank Studio Legale Metta enough for their assistance with a family member's international succession of heirs. We were so lost when we started out trying to piece together how to proceed. Once we found Studio Legale Metta, we were no longer lost. We were always kept apprised of activity in a timely manner, all questions asked were answered clearly and concisely so there was no lingering doubt; and all the while, we never met in person. Yes, we absolutely can recommend Studio Legale Metta. We are absolutely thankful for them!!

Jo Anne Mendonsa (from Google reviews)

14 October 2020 - Ho avuto il piacere di interfacciare lo Studio Metta in occasione di una successione con un coerede residente negli USA. Purtroppo nel corso della procedura di successione, il coerede è mancato, pertanto è stato necessario riprendere la procedura dall'inizio con problematiche molto più complesse. Lo Studio Metta è stato coinvolto per risolvere questa complicata procedura e devo dire che pur non avendo mai incontrato personalmente rappresentanti dello Studio, (lo scambio di documenti e le informazioni si sono succedute tutte per via telematica) le operazioni si sono svolte con tempestività grazie alla gentilezza, professionalità e competenza del gruppo di lavoro addetto al nostro caso. Tutti noi ringraziamo lo Studio Metta ed in particolare l'avv. Altamura per l'ottimo lavoro svolto.

Giovanni Scagliosi (from Facebook reviews)

1 October 2020 - The service we got from Marco and his team was top class. Efficient, experienced and great customer service. I can highly recommend this agency.

Charlotte Kristjansson (from Google reviews)

14 September 2020 - It has been a true pleasure working with you and your team. We agree that this has been a rather complex undertaking, with many twists and turns along the way, but with your guidance and hard work, it all felt very easy from our end - and that's a reflection of how good you are at what you do. We must admit that we were very apprehensive about selecting counsel in another country, with little knowledge if that country's rules/laws, based solely on an internet search, but we feel that we couldn't have done any better than finding you, nor could we be happier with the job you did and the entire experience. I hope that you and your team continue to be successful in all undertakings and I wish you the best of luck in the future. It has been an honor working with you and we're pleased to have made a few more good connections in our home land - perhaps our paths will cross again in the future.

A. P., New York, USA

12 September 2020 - I had a wonderful experience with Studio Metta and particularly with Nick. Extremely professional, knows the italian law inside and out and he is super fair and honest, I was delighted to work with him, and I look forward to working with him again in the future. Highly recommended.

Julian Conrad (from Google reviews)

9 September 2020 - I spoke to Nick ... Nicola Metta. I was impressed by his due diligence. He answered most of my questions even before I asked. I was really pleased dealing with this Law Firm. Thanks Nick.

Didier Rwitura (from Google reviews)

1 September 2020 - Thank you to Marco and everyone else who helped me over the phone. I was in a rush moving to Italy and needed to do my cod fiscale but couldn't get to it in person (because of covid quarantine rules) Marco and his team were really responsive and quick. I spoke to them on the phone while in America the day I left for Italy, quickly filled out the forms they quickly sent to me on email, sent them back and they were able to obtain my cod fiscale by the time I landed in Italy the next day! Thanks again!

John Anagnostis, Summit, New Jersey, USA (from Google reviews)

12 August 2020 - Very efficient, excellent service, thanks from Terry and Marina.

Marina Palomba (from Google reviews)

10 August 2020 - Nick met with us and was extremely knowledgeable and very forthcoming about what steps we will need to go through. His team also has a wide variety of skills to cover immigration, taxes, accounting, and real estate.

Jeff Heckey (from Google reviews)

3 August 2020 - I found Studio Legale Metta on an internet search regarding an Italian matter, and booked a telephone appointment. This was very easy to do and was quickly available. The information I received was extremely helpful and answered my questions, without having to go to an appointment in person. Nicola Metta was very easy to speak to and gave relevant information in a personal and friendly manner.

Alexia Hodgson (from Google reviews)

24 July 2020 - Thank you once again for all of the help! I cannot be more grateful for this service. I recommended Studio Legale Metta to one of my friends, I hope he gets to work with you in the near future.

A. P. W., Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

20 July 2020 - Let me first say that it's been a real pleasure to work with you over all these months.  We will miss reading your emails almost daily!  You have done a fantastic job, even more so in light of the Covid situation!  We appreciate the great support and sustained follow-up you provided step by step! Many thanks for everything, stay safe and have a lovely summer!

A. & C. S., Bruxelles, Belgium

14 July 2020 - In my first consultation with Nick I knew that I was in good hands and I felt very confident that my family's Italian property, which means so much to me and my family, would be resolved in very fair and trustworthy manner. Nick was very prompt in responding to my emails. The process to set up a consultation between the USA and Italy was a smooth and easy one. I would highly recommend this law firm, should you have property in Italy but reside in the USA.

Mary Lynn Rossi (from Google reviews)

9 July 2020 - Incredibly professional and kind; my initial consultation went exceedingly well. I came into the meeting with a lot of questions and was feeling overwhelmed by the process and left completely at ease and well informed. The lawyer I spoke with, Nick Metta, was very helpful; I look forward to working with him in the future.

Genevieve Ferrari (from Google reviews)

5 June 2020 - We recently were in need of some legal assistance involving our Italian property in Tuscany. Fortunately for us, we found Studio Legale Metta online and contacted them immediately. The firm's excellent team of skilled lawyers guided us through the entire process and helped us navigate Italian real estate law so that all our issues were resolved smoothly and promptly. We could not have been happier with their services and intend to use them again in the future. Although I can only give them a five-star rating, they deserve 29 stars because they truly are world-class legal professionals.

(Traduzione) 5 giugno 2020 - Abbiamo recentemente avuto bisogno di assistenza legale per la nostra proprietà italiana in Toscana. Fortunatamente per noi, abbiamo trovato online lo Studio Legale Metta e li abbiamo contattati immediatamente. L’eccellente team di avvocati ci ha guidato attraverso l’intero processo e ci ha aiutato a districarci nel diritto immobiliare italiano in modo che tutte le nostre questioni fossero risolte senza problemi e prontamente. Non saremmo potuti essere più soddisfatti dei loro servizi ed intendiamo utilizzarli nuovamente in futuro. Anche se posso dare loro solo una valutazione a cinque stelle, ne meriterebbero 29 perché sono veramente professionisti a livello mondiale.

Kelley Donahue Johnson, Camarillo, California, USA (from Google reviews)

20 May 2020 - I was impressed with the fast and effective service provided and excellent communication at all time. I will keep using them for assistance and consultations on my legal personal matters. I highly recommend Studio Legale Metta.

Luis Garcia, Bergamo, Italy (from Google reviews)

19 May 2020 - This is a first class legal practice. I've worked with them on two matters and they could not have performed better. Their communications are swift and clear. Their work is superbly thorough. I would not hesitate to engage them for future work and highly recommend them.

Steve Rosner, Albertson, New York, USA (from Google reviews)

27 March 2020 - I am an American/Irish citizen residing in Italy and needed advice regarding the complexities of residency, property ownership and estate planning. I thus searched the web and came upon Nick Metta's clear and concise articles and seminars that immediately pierce the veil and give concrete advice to an expatriate audience trying to come to terms with often obtuse and mystifying Italian legal and bureaucratic labyrinths. In a subsequent scheduled call, Nick immediately covered the substantive issues that I had put on our agenda, translating the complexities into action-orientated practical steps. I recommend his services highly and look forward to our continued collaboration going forward.

John Klink (from Google reviews)

18 February 2020 - Avv. Marco Chirivì expediently secured my codice fiscale in a professional manner. I recommend this attorney.

Patrizia Felice Cicogna, New York, New York, USA (from Google reviews)

11 February 2020 - I required an Italian Fiscal Code. My main contact was Marco, very professional and extremely quick. Very happy with the service. Would absolutely recommend.

Joshua Jack, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (from Google reviews)

11 February 2020 - Nick provided us with thorough and reassuring advice on what we needed to do to register as residents. His associate Leonardo then did a fantastic job of processing documents and working with the comune to get us registered before Brexit Day at the end of January. Highly recommended.

Victoria Collis, London, England, UK (from Google reviews)

5 February 2020 - Very professional and effective service! The communication was good and the process was faster than expected.

G. C. Cousseau, Maastricht, Holland (from Google reviews)

5 February 2020 - Very efficient & great customer service, many thanks Kat.

Kat S., Bristol, England, UK (from Google reviews)

4 February 2020 - Studio Legale Metta is a very professional firm. I needed my codice fiscale expedited to the US and the process was simple and painless. I highly recommended this firm! Additionally, a special thank you to Marco for continuously being quick to respond to my questions and handling all my needs. Bravo!!

Ronni Sollenberger, Holland, Pennsylvania, USA (from Google reviews)

1 February 2020 - Purchasing and maintaining a property in Italy can be a rewarding, but complex and confusing process. Studio Legale Metta originally assisted my husband and I with the purchase of our holiday property in Ostuni in 2012. They continue annually to process the payment of property taxes on our behalf. Sadly when my husband passed away in 2018 they were invaluable in guiding me through the succession process. They are a highly professional, efficient and friendly practice. They make things as simple and straightforward as possible and I would highly recommend them.

Joanna Munro, Corsham, England, UK (from Google reviews)

17 January 2020 - I needed to obtain a tax code for my supervisor to conduct business in Italy. I discovered Studio Legale Metta via a Google search. After reading several reviews, I decided to utilize their services. I was thrilled that I could achieve my goal via the internet and email rather than having to visit an embassy office in person. My request was assigned to Avv. Marco Chirivì, and I couldn't be more pleased with his service. Everything was thoroughly explained and made very easy from start to finish. My request was also completed earlier than I had anticipated. Thank you to Studio Legale Metta and Marco for a painless experience.

Anna Baker, Highland Park, Illinois, USA (from LinkedIn)

10 January 2020 - I had a wonderful experience working with the lawyers from Studio Legale Metta. They are very well versed in the process for an American, like me, to purchase property in Italy. They made everything very simple to understand and easy to do. I cannot recommend them more heartily. I now own a small piece of Italy, something that was only a dream is now a reality!

Victoria Monocchi, Hamden, Connecticut, USA (from Google reviews)

17 December 2019 - Very courteous and helpful telephone advice from Nick Metta. Very reasonable price. Thank you. Would recommend and use again.

H.V., England, UK (from Google reviews)

13 December 2019 - I have nothing but praise and thanks for this company who helped me purchase a property in Italy smoothly and with professionalism. Raffaella and the team were in hand at every opportunity to help with queries I had not understanding the Italian system and were prompt and knowledgeable in their responses. If you are purchasing abroad and need an excellent form of solicitors I highly recommend their services.

H.H., Bowers Gifford, England, UK (from Facebook reviews)

12 December 2019 - I have been very impressed with the service provided by this company. I was a little worried about how to tell if they were legitimate having had bad experiences before but they couldn't be more professional and courteous and certainly very good value for money. A pleasure to deal with.

C. J., Watlington, England, UK (from Google reviews)

26 November 2019 - Studio Legale Metta was very helpful, knowledgeable and quick in providing needed support, information and documents. I especially enjoyed working with Avv. Marco Chirivì. I look forward to our continued relationship.

N.L., Branford, Connecticut, USA (from Google reviews)

26 November 2019 - My husband and I wanted to take a moment and thank Studio Legale Metta and all of their associates for their total professionalism and assistance during the many phases of our quest to move to Italy. We first used Studio Legale Metta in 2017 to purchase a property in Puglia Italy. We feel very fortunate that we found them on the internet, and that after our first phone consultation with Nick Metta we understood and felt complete confidence in his and the firms ability to help us navigate a property purchase in Italy that we completely realise now was beyond our scope of understanding as well as our abilities. Nick and his associates performed all of their duties exactly as they outlined during our initial phone call. To say we were very pleased does not do justice to their abilities to recognise and facilitate their clients needs. They managed the property process in a very professional manner and while we ended up selecting a different property from our initial choice we also discovered we were much happier with that decision. Studio Legale Metta has always given us a full and complete breakdown of the costs involved at the beginning and through the entire process which resulted in a stress free purchase. We would highly recommend Studio Legale Metta to anyone seeking to purchase a property in Italy! A big thanks to Nick, and his entire firm for their fantastic knowledge and professionalism. After our property purchase we once again contacted Nicola Metta seeking his expertise and advice as we sought to obtain a Schengen Visa first and then a Permesso di Soggiorno. Through our first dealings with Studio Legale Metta we have come to totally respect and appreciate the firms superb legal guidance, as well as as their excellent communication skills. Nick has always met our needs with personal care and a genuine concern for our long-term well-being. Thank you Nick! Working with Nick as well as his associates Antonio and Leonardo to secure our visa applications and the forms for the Permesso di Soggiorno has once again proved what an invaluable asset Studio Legale Metta has been to our quest to become Italian residents. First they offered insight and practical information in which we never would have known on our own, about the many layers to the visa application process as well as many processes involved to the filing of the Permesso di Spggiorno kits, an invaluable service for a stress free process. We came across Studio Legale Metta on the internet while in the process of buying a property in Puglia. Nick and his team have been there for us in each step of our process to assimilate ourselves into Italy which means more to us than we can express. We have complete confidence in the firm so now should any other needs arrive they will be our “GO TO” firm as we are completely confident they will be there to support us and to ensure we stay up to date with property ownership and residency requirements. They are and will be an INVALUABLE key to the success of our Italian journey.

Forever Grateful!

K. & J. B., Corpus Christi, Texas, USA (from Google reviews)

19 November 2019 - Thank you Antonio, you are the best! I appreciate very much your efforts for me on a short notice and being available.

D.J., Captiva Drive, Florida, USA

14 November 2019 - It was a pleasure to speak with you today. Thank you kindly for all your knowledge and guidance. I will be sure to reach out to you for further questions.

M.Q., Vancouver, Canada

7 November 2019 - Thank you for sending me the completed record of the updated property title. I am very relieved the situation has finally been resolved. It was a pleasure to meet you and I thank you very much for the work you have done on my behalf.

J.M., Corsham, England, UK

2 November 2019 - Very helpful advice regarding my son's Italian study visa and stay permit (permesso di soggiorno), as well as an added bonus of information about regaining my Italian citizenship. It is such a great service to provide easy to schedule phone consultations. Worth every penny. Thank you Nick!

A. A., USA (from Google reviews)

1 November 2019 - Like number of Americans my husband and I have recently moved to a beautiful country Italy! Like many of us, to do things right - Italian way, we needed directions, advice on immigration matters. After spending hours and hours on internet, gathering pieces here-there, we decided to get professional help from Studio Legale Metta - booked a phone consultation with Antonio Cammarano. Bingo! He was incredibly knowledgeable, forthcoming, attentive and professional, provided clear answers IN ENGLISH to all questions and concerns we had for all this time!!! From now on, if we'll need an additional legal help on immigration matters - we'll definitely go back to Antonio Cammarano! Not just that, we'd highly recommend Antonio to expats needing legal assistance on immigration matters. BRAVO ANTONIO!!!

A.K., USA (from Google reviews)

24 October 2019 - Very professional and highly informative providing practical actionable advice and comprehensive services in a timely manner. Nicholas Metta is a great source of information and experience, he has personal experience of Italian and US Immigration issues which makes his advice even more practical and effective. I have also found them to be highly responsive and attentive with a sense of urgency when appropriate.

M.B., Greenwich, Connecticut, USA (from Google reviews)

20 September 2019 - Very quick and easy process, Marco was very helpful and clear on instructions for getting my codice fiscale.

E.Z., Hobart, Wisconsin, USA (from Google reviews)

5 September 2019 - Perfect delivered on time. Would recommend them.

G.G., Nazeing, England, UK (from Google reviews)

2 August 2019 - I wanted to take a moment and thank you and your associate for your total professionalism during this transaction, I am so very glad that I found you on the internet, and that you performed all your duties exactly as you outlined on our first call. I’m very pleased.

S.D.C., Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

5 July 2019 - Excellent service. Very quick, helpful and informative!

C.F., Gloucester, England, UK (from Google reviews)

4 July 2019 - Highly rated and respected law firm, offices in Italy, UK and USA.

G. M.- H., Wyncote, Pennsylvania, USA (from Google reviews)

2 July 2019 - A very professional company, asked for there express service and wasn't disappointed. A special mention to Mr. Marco Chirivì who was very efficient in providing me all the assistance required.

B.G., Zabbar, Malta (from Google reviews)

6 June 2019 - Thanks Marco, very efficient service and experience.

J.G., South Africa, (from Google reviews)

4 June 2019 - Thank you for your assistance and professional advice on such a complex transaction. We have enjoyed working with you and your team and wish you all the best for the future.

J., J. & S. E., Hampton Magna, Warwick, England, UK

3 June 2019 - I used Studio Legale Metta to file a complicated succession of a property in my name in Italy. They managed the process in a very professional manner. I was given a full breakdown of the costs involved at the beginning and the entire process was stress free. I appreciated not having to travel to Italy and was able to successfully carry out all dealings via post and emails. I would highly recommend Studio Legale Metta to anyone with a property in Italy! A big thanks to Nick and Dario for their fantastic professionalism.

T.A., London, UK (from Google reviews)

25 May 2019 - I am happy to recommend the consultation service of the Studio Legale Metta. The printed information Mr Nicola M. Metta gave me access to was very helpful. I also had a 30-minute telephone consultation with him. Mr Metta’s English is impeccable, and the information and advice he provided me was clearly presented and very useful, as was the email resumé of the conversation he sent to me afterwards.

W.L., Florence, Italy

22 May 2019 - Studio Legale Metta is wonderful!!! They help people in the States with legal matters in other countries. They have an excellent understanding of how things are done in the US and in Europe that helped guide us in the right direction. They understood that the legal action we were forced to take was more an affair of the heart then of finances and were very understanding. They helped us stay calm and do the right thing even though we were emotionally upset. Our case was in Italy. Everyone we spoke with could switch between English and Italian seamlessly to give us a better idea of what was taking place. We worked with many people in their office and everyone was of the same accord. Service and treat the client honorably and with respect. Nick, Antonio and office staff thank you again for your excellent service and commitment to your clients. We highly recommend Studio Legale Metta!!!

F.C., Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA (from Google reviews)

21 May 2019 - Professional, efficient, well organised.

J-D.B., Le Bugue, France (from Google reviews)

17 May 2019 - Nicola Metta provided us with superb legal guidance, excellent communication and a creative approach to our immigration needs. Nick met our needs with personal care and a genuine concern for our long-term well-being. Thank you Nick.

F.G., Zebbug, Gozo, Malta (from Google reviews)

3 May 2019 - Thank you to Marco for helping us procure our tax identification number (codice fiscale). I already signed up for a Trenitalia card! Studio Legale Metta has been, and continues to be an invaluable resource in our navigation through the process of acquiring residency in Italy. Joe and I cannot thank them enough!!

E.P., Southampton, New Jersey, USA (from Google reviews)

2 May 2019 - Working with Nick on elements of my visa application proved invaluable. He offered insight and practical information that I never would have known on my own. There are many layers to the visa application process and tapping into his knowledge base has been extremely helpful.

G.S., Portland, Maine, USA (from Google reviews)

25 April 2019 - We came across Studio Legale Metta on the internet while in the process of buying a property in Puglia. Nick and his team saved us from buying two properties that didn’t have correct paperwork and finally with our “third time lucky” purchase. Since then they have supported us to ensure we stay up to date with property ownership requirements and are always there for us. They are an invaluable part of our Italian journey.

N.W., Ballyroe, Ireland (from Facebook reviews)

25 April 2019 - Being based in Australia we required assistance with the Italian legal system. Nicola was of tremendous assistance by email and phone, he answered all of our questions and provided some very helpful advice and tips to assist us. His services are highly recommended.

B.W., Victoria, Australia (From LinkedIn reviews)

20 April 2019 - Studio Legale Metta provided me with outstanding, accurate, and timely legal assistance without requiring me to make an unexpected trip to Italy. Mr. Chirivì was exceptional and I intend to call on him and the firm again for additional assistance in the future.

J.N., Woodbridge, Virginia, USA (from Google reviews)

12 April 2019 - Thank you so much! So happy with your service, really appreciate it.

N.T., New York, USA

4 April 2019 - Altogether an excellent service. Friendly, professional and efficient. No nonsense or hidden charges, excellent communications. A thoroughly modern business, geared for and embracing modern times yet giving a welcoming human touch. I would entrust them for my future dealings.

D.P., Kirkby, England, UK (from Google reviews)

29 March 2019 - I'd like to thank you for the quick and very professional service you have provided. I would highly recommend your services.

D.P., Kirkby, England, UK

13 March 2019 - I am so happy I found this agency. I was having trouble obtaining a codice fiscale since my birth name and married names are different. The NYC Italian consulate was no help but Studio Legale took care of everything quickly and easily! They were very responsive and easy to get in touch with as well! I would definitely use them again if I had need to!

L.M., Lynbrook, New York, USA (from Google reviews)

12 March 2019 - Thank you very much for your service, I will recommend you to family and friends.

H.K., Newcastle, England, UK

11 March 2019 - Tutto ben fatto! Gioia and I wish to thank you and every one at Studio Legale Metta for having handled this last transaction so smoothly. We appreciate all that you have done. With our best wishes.

G.P. & R.C., Emerson, New Jersey, USA

9 March 2019 - Nick was very helpful in assisting me with rental contract questions. He put my mind at ease. His experience with the Italian legal system, real estate, and expectation management has allowed me to move forward with an effective and legal plan.

E.H., Etters, Pennsylvania, USA (from Google reviews)

1 February 2019 - Really helpful, prompt advice. Nick Metta was excellent, answered all my questions and provided follow up when needed. Highly recommend.

B.A., Surrey, England, UK (from Google reviews)

31 January 2019 - I'd like to thank the Metta Group for helping me in a transaction this year in Rome, Italy. The entire team especially Mr. Antonio Cammarano were easy to speak with and always available via the phone or email. All were very well versed in American and Italian law. I can say with great confidence that this transaction would not have occurred without their help. Anyone intrested in doing any business in Italy would be well advised to hire this firm for any and all of their legal work. Finally please feel free to contact me directly if you'd like further references or information regarding this outstanding group of attorneys.

D.W., Hobe Sound, Florida, USA (from Google reviews)

31 January 2019 - Thank you very much for your hard work, excellent advise and clear communication throughout this difficult transaction.

D.W., Hobe Sound, Florida, USA

29 January 2019 - Thanks so much for your summary and for speaking to me this morning. It really helped to clarify things and put my mind at rest. I will follow your advice. I'll stay in touch in case there is anything else. With very best wishes.

O.W., Surrey, England, UK

29 January 2019 - Thank you for the ground work and successfully processing the monies through to my mother’s bank in Australia.

C.R., Ryde NSW, Australia

24 January 2019 - I wish to thank you for all of the assistance you and your office have provided to us in dealing with our home and part-time life in Italy. We look forward to our continued relationship.

S.S., Castle Park Terrace, Florida, USA

24 January 2019 - My sister and I are very grateful to you and your staff for accomplishing the sale of the home. We will be sure to recommend you to all our friends and relatives, if the need ever arises.

R.G., Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA

17 January 2019 - Nic was very helpful and resourceful in assisting with a property purchase in Italy. I will definitely reach out to him for future needs.

T.S., San Antonio, Texas, USA (from Google reviews)

15 January 2019 - I’ve used their services to obtain the code fiscale. They where very prompt and professional. Exactly as advised. Would recommend their services to anyone who wants to avoid the hassle getting the code fiscale.

M.C., Rijswijk, Netherlands (from Google reviews)

11 January 2019 - Thank you, your email was a breath of fresh air. I appreciate your honesty and flexibility with working with us. I will keep your contact information if we need help in the future since in your very first contact with us you showed that you don't wish to take advantage of us. This is very different from the other responses that we received.

M.K., Cambridge, England, U.K.

5 January 2019 - Our experience with Studio Metta was excellent. We chose them for our legal advice as we had 4 criteria: 1) personalised service, not some big practice with a one size fits all template; 2) expertise concerning expatriates living in Italy; 3) english speaking; 4) reasonable level of fees. We dealt primarily with Nick Metta and he more than delivered on every one of these aspects. We would deal with them again in the bat of an eyelid.

B.L., Predore (BG), Italy (from Google reviews)

28 December 2018 - Perfect, professional and very fast service at affordable rates.

S. J., Zierikzee, Netherlands (from Google reviews)

18 December 2018 - Nick Metta and Antonio Cammarano were very helpful, effectively communicating all requirements for our visas. They guided us through a complex process, and gave us the confidence that comes with being fully prepared for the interview at the Italian Consulate. We highly recommend the services of Studio Legale Metta to anyone considering applying for a visa.

J. H., Wimberley, Texas, USA (from Google reviews)

6 December 2018 - I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I have really enjoyed with you, Marinella and others in your firm. You all have made everything very easy for us.  I hope you have a nice weekend.

S.S., Freeport, Florida, USA
30 November 2018 - Very helpful, concise, well spoken and much appreciated!

L.D.G., Palm Beach, Florida, USA (from Google reviews)

26 November 2018 - Very helpful and professional service. Quick response times. I would not hesitate to recommend Studio Legale Metta.

H. M., Turin, Italy (from Google reviews)

16 November 2018 - Our appointment with the Visa Officer at the Houston Consulate went very well yesterday.  We felt very prepared for our meeting. We had everything they require at this Consulate.  Thank you for all your help and guidance.  As mentioned, we felt confident going into our meeting, in a large part because of your help.

J.H., Wimberley, Texas, USA

9 November 2018 - Many thanks for the consultation, we were very satisfied by the end of the 45 mins. It was certainly helpful to get confirmation of the property issue. We will draft up a Will and send it through in the next few days. Have a good weekend, and thanks again.

B.L., Predore (BG), Italy

9 November 2018 - I am grateful for your help with the whole journey. And grateful in particular with the way you have handled the persistent complications right up to the end. I was quite sure that we would need the help of good lawyers to complete our property sales. Our experience has been that you are just that - good and friendly lawyers who have worked well on our behalf to deal with problems of my family's making.

L.F.T., Bradford on Tone, UK

27 October 2018 - Should we need additional help in this matter we will let you know. We were very happy with the your firm's services and will recommend it in the future.

C.R.I., Moorestown, New Jersey, USA

19 October 2018 - Thank you so much for the help with my residence visa. I did get the visa! You were instrumental in obtaining the health insurance, general advice, and the tip that I should have a ticket ready. Thank you. Grazie.

C.R.S., San Diego, California, USA

15 October 2018 - Your support over the past months has been much appreciated. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services.

L.H., Penarth South Glamorgan, U.K.

1 September 2018 - Milione grazie a tutti voi! With all of your help and guidance our visa interview yesterday went very well. The clerk who reviewed our documents was very pleased with the way we had organized them. As per your guidance, we arranged a separate set of documents for each of us; each category was in its own individual labeled file folder with the name of the applicant written above the contents list. The clerk said all documents were in order and indicated that there should be no problem with our application and that we should have an answer by the middle of September. Grazie, for your help with getting the lease properly written and registered. Un complimento per te, our "landlord" said you are a very nice person after speaking with you on the telephone! Grazie, your filing for our Codices Fiscales was brilliant! The clerk was very impressed that we already had them at the interview, we believe that it showed sincere intent. Grazie, for your follow up telephone call this morning. It was most kind of you to inquire about our experience yesterday. Hai reso quello che avrebbe potuto essere un incubo un'esperienza piacevole.

G. M.-H.,Wyncote, Pennsylvania, USA

19 June 2018 - Thank you so much for all of your help! I had no idea it would take so long when we first spoke. But based on my last trip to Soriano a couple weeks ago, we are one of only 2 or 3 non-residents to purchase property in this town. I am certain that we wouldn’t have been able to do it without your services. Thank you again for helping us purchase our vacation property in Italy! We would be happy to be a reference to any future clients.

T. G. & L. N., Burlingame, California, USA

19 June 2018 - Thank you once again for your excellent assistance, which is very much appreciated.

N.P.B., Dubai, United Arab Emirates

13 June 2018 - I don't think we could have navigated all of this without your assistance.  We are very grateful to all of you.

B. J. & R. L., Geneve, Switzerland

4 June 2018 - Thank you very much. The information you have provided is very helpful. We really appreciate your counsel and advice.

J. H. & S. H., Wimberley, Texas, USA

30 May 2018 - Thank you sincerely for continuing to see this through and for being a true professional during this laborious process!! I greatly appreciate your help in handling all of this!!! I look forward to working with you and your team in the future.

C.G., Los Angeles, California, USA

20 May 2018 - Thank you very much for your assistance + advice during my recent estate planning. Your easy communication skills and all-business approach in coordinating with our local attorney make things easy for me and allows me to be confident I have fully prepared for my wishes to be carried out after my demise.

J. & V., Captiva, Florida, USA

16 May 2018 - Thank you again for your professional assistance with the purchase process of our Italian home. You and your firm were wonderful to work with and made a complex process easy for us.

C.R., Martinsburg, West Virginia, USA

2 May 2018 - Thank you for being so precise and clear with your response and with the entire process. I have no regrets in hiring Studio Legale Metta and it is my intention when I move to Italy to help non-Italians buy property in Italy by referring them to your firm. I can go to Italy and sleep at night knowing everything is fine with the property purchase and no issues will arise.

C.C., Vancouver, Canada

6 February 2018 - This is wonderful.  Thank you so very much for all of your assistance in completing the probate for my father and assisting in the sale of the house.

M.T., Saint Leonard, Maryland, USA

19 January 2018 - I wanted to let you know that the appointment [at the Italian Consulate] went as smooth as silk. The woman looked at me at one point and said, “well you have certainly done your homework!”. Everything you suggested I initially give them was all that they wanted. It was perfect. We watched four out of the five people ahead of us be told to get the proper documentation, make another appointment and come back. We couldn’t have nailed it the first time without your guidance in both the application process and the documents you obtained on our behalf in Italy. It feels wonderful to have our application successfully submitted.

K.P., New York, NY, USA

18 January 2018 – I decided to personally write a note to thank you for all you have done. I was beginning to think this case would never come to an end. However I always believed in the Metta team. They are truly an exceptional and professional organization. I would not have worked with a group any other way. I appreciate all of your and the team’s efforts.

A. P., Bergen, New Jersey, USA

22 December 2017 - Merry Christmas to you and your dearest ones, too. I’m settling into my house in Florence very well, thanks to you and all my other friends at SLM. Thanks for all you do to make it possible for me to live in your beautiful country!

A.C., Easton, PA, USA

2 December 2017 - Found Nick / Studio Legale Metta on the internet as there is a treasure trove of information on their site on buying property in Italy. We were searching for info as we were buying a property in Northern Tuscany (Pontremoli). The quality of the information was so good that when it came to finding a legal resource to assist us with our transaction we contacted Nick without hesitation. We had an initial consultation and Nick was very generous with his time, patiently answering all of our questions and making sure we were aware of many important details. After the consultation, we retained Nick / Studio Legale Metta to review our legal documents (contract and POA's). Our closing happened a little quicker than planned and we needed our final contract reviewed over Thanksgiving. Nick generously made himself available on Thanksgiving Day and we talked with him from Italy to nail down the last details. Our closing went off without a hitch and we had great peace of mind as we knew everything had been well looked after. If you’re doing a real estate transaction in Italy, I can highly recommend Nick and Studio Legale Metta.

J.N., Devon, PA, USA (from LinkedIn)

3 July 2017: I would like to extend a note of personal thanks to yourself and your team for your efforts and your professionalism throughout the process. You have made a very difficult situation for us very manageable and I sincerely thank you for this.

M.S. LTD, Stallingborough, UK

14 June 2017 - Many thanks for your patience and your expertise and Nick's great phone calls and thanks for all you did for us. Studio Legale Metta is a first class business and you have taught me much.

K.O.B, Los Angeles (USA)

27 April 2017 Thank you for all your time and effort over the last 6 months, it has been a pleasure dealing with you and we wish you and your family all the best for the future.

B.T., Dunfermline, UK

31 January 2017 - Thank for acting on our behalf at the sale. We have found you very pleasant and efficient to deal with. So thank you.

D. M. & C. M., Crowborough, UK

30 January 2017 - Thank you again for all the work you did and your support and advice throughout this difficult and ultimately abortive transaction. Whilst we are unhappy with the conclusion we do feel that your expert assistance helped us to avert a worse situation in the longer term. We are grateful to you for this.

A.J. & M.S., Civitella Messer Raimondo (CH), Italy

30 December 2016 - I thank you for your work and help with the procedure and suggestions.  If I need any help in the future I will contact you.

R.C., Palmetto, FL, USA

29 December 2016 - Everything went very well! Thank you for your services, we couldn't have done it without you!

C.C., Notthingham, MD, USA

7 December 2016 - It has been a pleasure working with you. I do hope we will have the opportunity to work together again in the not too distant future. It is certainly a relief for both myself and my sister that we can finally close this file.

G.S., Westmount, Quebec, Canada

17 November 2016 - Your firm has been professional to the highest level in all your work on my behalf. The final payout was no exception: I received it right away. Thank you all so much for all you have done for me and my family. Best wishes.

L.Z., Indiana, USA

16 November 2016 - My father passed away unexpectedly while he was living in Italy (the Imperia area/ Liguria). He owned his home, two cars, had bank accounts, etc., He also had a few outstanding debts that needed to be resolved. My brother and I live in the US and don’t speak fluent Italian much less know anything about the laws. We were receiving advice from friends in the town my father lived in, but no one could clearly communicate and answer our questions in English.

Luckily, a google search led me to Nick Metta and Studio Legale Metta. Nick is very knowledgeable of Italian inheritance laws, answered all of my questions and we worked with his associate physically located in Italy. They negotiated settlements for my father’s debts (with individuals and with the state), handled the sale of the property and disposal of the vehicles, arranged for the utility payments and turn off, and even successfully resolved a dispute between my brother and I. They were invaluable. I was at a point of simply walking away from everything my father had built because I didn’t know what to do to sell/manage it; Nick made it possible to leave my father’s estate in good hands. I’ll always be grateful for his help.

L.T, Plymuth, MI, USA (from LinkedIn)

15 November 2016 - Thank you so much for everything! You have been absolutely wonderful!!!

L.T, Plymuth, MI, USA

11 November 2016 - Thank you Dario, Nick and the rest of legal staff. A job well done. If in the future I need legal service, I definitely would consider Studio Legale Metta.

T.B., Brick, New Jersey, USA

25 October 2016 - Many thanks for all your help with everything. We are very pleased the completion meeting went smoothly, we couldn't have done it without your help.

M.F. & J.L., Selva di Fasano, BR

18 October 2016 - I can't express how much your office has helped us with the purchase and renovation process. We look forward to a continued relationship.

S.S., Freeport, Florida

10 October 2016 - I would like to personally thank you for all of your professional services and assistance provided. I will certainly call upon your team for any future assistance which could be necessary and will also recommend your services with the highest regard.

F.&C. C., Loxahatchee, Florida

6 October 2016 - Glad to receive your email with many thanks. Much appreciated for your help & support. Definitely we will use your company for our further needs.


K.B., Tehran, Iran

24 September 2016 - My wife and I received great professional service from Nick Metta and his team, from beginning to finish, and even thereafter !! Nick has demonstrated indepth knowledge in legal as well as in practical matters which come about when one wants to enter into the process of buying real estate in Italy!

W. & S. H., Lommel, Belgium (from LinkedIn)

14 September 2016 - My wife and I had a tremendous experience with Nick and Studio Legale Metta. The assistance we received in purchasing property in Tuscany was outstanding. They understand all steps of the buying process in Italy that an American citizen must go through and guided us every step of the way. They even connected us with Real Estate agents, Banks, Notaries, etc. If you are interested in buying property in Italy, I highly recommend utilizing Nick and his team as legal representation.

M.T., Novi, Michigan, USA (from LinkedIn)

12 September 2016 - I want to thank you on behalf of my sister and myself for all your assistance, efficiency and professionalism. I wish you all the best for the future.

M.B., Wedderburn, NSW, Australia

31 August 2016 - We want to thank you very much for all the excellent support you have personally given us to successfully bring to a conclusion all of the transactions and processing of legal documents of our estate. Mille Grazie.

R.&G. C., Emerson, NJ, USA

8 August 2016 - I am writing this recommendation for Nicola M. Metta who provided substantial assistance, guidance and legal advice to me and my husband before and during the purchase of our property in the Tuscan Region of Italy. He and his firm provided estate planning, structuring of the purchase, language translation services and on site closing representation for the real estate closing in Italy. In addition he has also provided guidance on Italian tax related issues. Mr. Metta and his firm are continuing to assist us during the renovation process while we are living in the United States. I highly recommend Nicola Metta and his firm if you are looking to purchase property in Italy or if you need any legal advice on managing your financial interest in Italy.

S.S., Freeport, Florida (from LinkedIn)

18 May 2016 - Back in early 2015 my wife and I wanted to purchase a house in Italy, My wife was born in Italy but we were living in the US and had no idea how to even go about buying a house there. I found Nicola through a Google search, contacted him, and he gave me the entire run down of how the process would work. What could of been overwhelming , or impossible by yourself, Nicola made the process very simple and took all the stress off my wife and I. Once we found the house we wanted in Umbria, Nicola and his team took over, from providing assistance on finding a bank that gives mortgages to foreigners, organizing all the payments to the surveyors and even the down payment transfers to the bank as well as providing summary emails of everything that was happening, and in my case translating every document into English so I would be able to read it. He did all of this without us having to be in Italy. All in all without Nicola I do not think my wife and I would have our beautiful house. I fully recommend Nicola if you are ever in the market to purchase a house in Italy.

B.D, Oakland, California (from LinkedIn)

12 May 2016 - Thank you and your staff for your kind and efficient work on my behalf.

R.C., Brooklyn, NY, USA

24 April 2016  - This weekend my daughter went to Spoleto to get the keys for our new apartment. We would like to say thank you to Studio Legale Metta for being so professional and thorough from the beginning till the end. We wish you lots of success.

C. & S. M., Johannesburg, South Africa
25 March 2016 - "Thanks for your services. I am satisfied and happy of having contracted Studio Metta for purchasing a property in Italy. Everything resulted as planned."
P.G. – Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
"I am very pleased with your service. You and your staff's performance was outstanding, and the service provided in keeping your initial assessment. Thank you very much, PS: If a request for a reference is needed you may provide my name."
O.W., Manhattan, NY, USA
"Thank you for all of your very valuable services. We will definitely recommend you to anyone who may need your services!"
MDA – Canada
"I was pleased with the level of service and professionalism I received from you and your team."
A.P., New Jersey, USA

22 January 2016 - Thanks a lot you for your help and absolutely amazing job!!!

G.L. – London, UK

27 September 2015 - "The completion for the Trullo went very well and we are now the very proud owners of a little piece of Puglia. We really Thank You for all your hard work in making it go as smoothly as possible. You have been fantastic during the whole process and we have been so impressed with how you have been so professional and available to answer our endless supply of questions. We are so pleased to have found and used your services and have no hesitation in recommending them to anybody who may be thinking of buying a property in Puglia. We thank your team of lawyers. We feel it worth mentioning they were all lovely, but the young lady really impressed us. Thank you again. We would love to meet you in person one day and hope this will be possible. Very kind regards to you."     

M.C. & M.C., Abu Dhabi UAE

It has been a real pleasure working with your team regarding the PoA. I do appreciate your courtesy, your service and your efficiency. I am a member of an Italian-American club located in Jackson, New Jersey. I will definitively recommend your office and your services to anyone I know who would need help dealing with Italian legal matters and/or Italian legal documents. I will certainly keep in touch with your office if not for legal matters but certainly for sending you good wishes on holidays. Sincere thanks for your excellent work and diligence. Please accept my heartfelt regards.

"I would like to thank you and the rest of the Studio Legale Metta team who worked on my case. The quality of the service I received was excellent and I am extremely grateful. I am absolutely delighted. If it hadn't been for the help of Studio Legale Metta staff who dealt with my case over the past 19 months, I don't know what I'd have done. Wishing you all the very best for the future."
N.P., Jersey, Channel Islands
"I am very happy that you where able to bring this real estate transaction together for me. At first I did not know what could happen in a property perches like this one. I am very grateful. You made this a very confident experience for me. I look forward to continuing working to one day building a dream home to retire in Italy."
P.C., Hackensack, NJ, USA
"I might repeat myself, seen that this is the second PoA I requested, but it was and is a great pleasure working with you all. You are a fantastic team and you should be proud of it. Thanks for all you did to make this process as expeditious as possible. Mille grazie e Dio vi benedica."
N.D., New Jersey, USA
"Thanks for this and all of your help.  You have been a pleasure to work with."
M.L., Philadelphia, PA, USA
"Knowing you were there guiding us through the process and making sure everything was done in the correct way allowed us to buy our home in Italy when previously we had thought it impossible. With our sincere thanks."
T.C. & G.C., Newcastle, UK
"Thank you so much for making this happen in such a short time. I wouldn't be able to make it all by myself considering how hard is to deal with Italy."
C.M., San Francisco, CA, USA
"We appreciate you and your team and the manner in which you conduct business. I like the clear, detailed instructions about what we need to do, when and how. I also like your summaries of discussions. Helps a lot to remember things we have discussed on the phone."
R.P., Lexington KY, USA
"Thank you so much for the wonderful news as well as your diligent work on this estate. You and your entire team are bona fide rock stars in my estimation. This Thanksgiving I am very appreciative to have you and your firm come into my life. If you only realized how much this has changed my and my sons' lives for the better. Thank you so much for your hard work."
L.Z., Indiana, USA
"I'm writing to say thank you to you and your staff for your expertise and the excellent work in completing the succession. I have been particularly impressed that you were able to do this over the internet. Again many thanks to you and your team."
M.B., Birmingham, UK
"I just wanted to send a note to you thanking you on getting the estate cleared up. Please have anyone contact me about your law firm . I would enjoy telling them that you and your firm are a very professional and make the communication between Italy and the USA a non issue. We were very pleased that after all that was used for taxes and fees the recovered amount was very acceptable and will make our life more comfortable. Thank you very much!!!"
D.M., Illinois, USA
"Thank you once again, from all of us. We have been blessed by God to work with you. Truly. I wish you every grace and prosperity. Please pass on our gratitude to your incredible colleagues; testimony to the practice you have built."
G.D. – Middlesex, UK
"I honestly cannot thank you enough for all your efforts with this case. It is truly appreciated and you will always come beyond highly recommended to any friends, family or associates who may ever require such services."
E.C. – Sydney, Australia
"Professional, amicable, efficient, reliable, accessible - I am very happy with Nick Metta's services and highly recommend him as an attorney and legal expert, along with his company, Studio Legale Metta, in Bari."
M.Z. – Zagreb, Croatia
"Nick is an exceptionally professional attorney, whose attention to detail is outstanding. His clear and concise explanation on each process he is working on for the client makes the usual attorney jargon easily understandable. I would not hesitate to recommend Nicola Maria and I will be continuing to use his and his company's services in the future."
V.L. – Shoreham by Sea, UK

14 May 2013 - "Working on our behalf over in Northern Italy, in the Lugurian region, whilst I was in London, Nick offered consistent and accurate updates, worked tirelessly to answer endless questions and advice. And always with patience, understanding, sympathy and integrity. We achieved a great result and will always be grateful to Nick for his support and attention, all for such incredible value for money."     

G.D. – London, UK


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