Italian Property Record

Italian Property Record



Q: Where do I find an Italian property record?

A: In Italy there are two main property registers, i.e., the “Conservatoria” and the “Catasto”. The first one keeps information about title deeds and their updates (e.g., sales, inheritance transfers, mortgages, liens), while the second one is mainly used for tax purposes, to calculate real estate national and local taxes. 

Some information is duplicated and can be found in both registers. Some information is available with more details in one register and some in the other, as per their respective purposes. In some other cases, information regarding the same unit might be not consistent in the two registers. Additionally, sometimes both records might conflict with the actual title situation. For example, if a title event or tax information was not properly filed with the registers. 

Inconsistencies, if any, typically need to be addressed prior to completing a property transaction like a purchase, a transfer by inheritance, divorce, etc.

Q: How do I find out if a person is the owner of a property?

A: Most property record information is available online for a fee. For title transfers and liens older than 40 years, some information might not be available online and, for more details, it might need necessary to visit the local real estate register branch in person. 

If you have the name of the person or the property you want to look up, you can enter the information in the online system and look it up. The more information you have, the quicker, more cost-effective, and more accurate the process is. For example, if you want to see what properties a person owns, ideally you want to start with that person’s Italian tax code (codice fiscale) and first and last name. In many cases we have seen that, for the same person, some real estate records were associated to the person’s tax code and some to the same person’s name. If you do not have the person’s tax code, having that person’s place and/or date of birth would be helpful.  

Q: How do I find out who is the owner of a property?

A: Ideally you want to know the name of the Comune where the property is located and the tax identification ID of the property; in Italian they might be called “foglio”, “particella” and “subalterno”. Sometimes, you can retrieve such information starting from the property’s address, but it might give inaccurate results. 

Checking property records is a process that greatly benefits from having extensive legal real estate experience.  

Our law firm has a license to access the national real estate database. We are able to look up ownership record, deeds, tax value, liens, etc.

That means that we can do online real estate tax record and title deed searches without the need to ask an Italian notary (notaio). 

We offer a service through which you can schedule a consultation with an experienced Italian property lawyer to do an Italian property record look up in real time in English. We will share the screen with you, will advise you about what we find, what the record means, we will help you understand the record that we find, and we will email you the record after the consultation, along with our recommendations about the next steps.

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