Pat Battstone (recensioni Google)

Pat Battstone (recensioni Google)

7 Novembre 2022 – I contacted SLM in Luglio of 2021 after having initiated the process of citizenship with the Italian consulate in the US. SLM gave me a step by step method and kept track of outstanding items as well as completed items. They took care of all necessary appointments as well as the official procedures, and in some cases, went to bat for me with the local authorities. My job was to follow instructions – to obtain and correct various family documents (NB – the document requirements in Italy are 1/2 those that the IT consulate requires) . Once I had obtained the final, corrected (and Apostiled) documents, it took was less than 10 days for the local municipality to verify my Italian citizenship . That is the real test of the agency.

NB – The italian consulates in the US typically take 2 yrs to get an appointment and if the documents need correcting, there is an additional 18 month wait.

Their pricing is very reasonable and flexible : there is a prix fixe option or an alla carte option. I opted for the former and am sure that saved money in the long run. When there was a option of doing work myself or having them do it, the choice was mine. Some things were translated and certified in the US; other documents were done by SLM.

I have already recommended their services to my cousins and to an Italian friend living in Sicily with an American husband. I rate their services among the top legal services that I have encountered in the past 50 yrs.