Tradizione Forense dal 1887.

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Studio Legale Metta. Fondato nel 1887 dall’Avv. Giacomo Metta.

Operiamo in ambito italiano ed internazionale assistendo imprese, enti pubblici e persone su tutto il territorio italiano ed all’estero in collaborazione con altri studi professionali. Avvocati abilitati al patrocinio in Cassazione, innanzi ai Tribunali ecclesiastici, alla Rota Romana ed al Supremo Tribunale della Segnatura Apostolica.

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21 October 2020 - We cannot thank Studio Legale Metta enough for their assistance with a family member's international succession of heirs. We were so lost when we started out trying to piece together how to proceed. Once we found Studio Legale Metta, we were no longer lost. We were always kept apprised of activity in a timely manner, all questions asked were answered clearly and concisely so there was no lingering doubt; and all the while, we never met in person. Yes, we absolutely can recommend Studio Legale Metta. We are absolutely thankful for them!!

Jo Anne Mendonsa (from Google reviews)

1 October 2020 - The service we got from Marco and his team was top class. Efficient, experienced and great customer service. I can highly recommend this agency.

Charlotte Kristjansson (from Google reviews)

14 September 2020 - It has been a true pleasure working with you and your team. We agree that this has been a rather complex undertaking, with many twists and turns along the way, but with your guidance and hard work, it all felt very easy from our end - and that's a reflection of how good you are at what you do. We must admit that we were very apprehensive about selecting counsel in another country, with little knowledge if that country's rules/laws, based solely on an internet search, but we feel that we couldn't have done any better than finding you, nor could we be happier with the job you did and the entire experience. I hope that you and your team continue to be successful in all undertakings and I wish you the best of luck in the future. It has been an honor working with you and we're pleased to have made a few more good connections in our home land - perhaps our paths will cross again in the future.

A. P., New York, USA

12 September 2020 - I had a wonderful experience with Studio Metta and particularly with Nick. Extremely professional, knows the italian law inside and out and he is super fair and honest, I was delighted to work with him, and I look forward to working with him again in the future. Highly recommended.

Julian Conrad (from Google reviews)

9 September 2020 - I spoke to Nick ... Nicola Metta. I was impressed by his due diligence. He answered most of my questions even before I asked. I was really pleased dealing with this Law Firm. Thanks Nick.

Didier Rwitura (from Google reviews)

1 September 2020 - Thank you to Marco and everyone else who helped me over the phone. I was in a rush moving to Italy and needed to do my cod fiscale but couldn't get to it in person (because of covid quarantine rules) Marco and his team were really responsive and quick. I spoke to them on the phone while in America the day I left for Italy, quickly filled out the forms they quickly sent to me on email, sent them back and they were able to obtain my cod fiscale by the time I landed in Italy the next day! Thanks again!

John Anagnostis, Summit, New Jersey, USA (from Google reviews)

12 August 2020 - Very efficient, excellent service, thanks from Terry and Marina.

Marina Palomba (from Google reviews)

10 August 2020 - Nick met with us and was extremely knowledgeable and very forthcoming about what steps we will need to go through. His team also has a wide variety of skills to cover immigration, taxes, accounting, and real estate.

Jeff Heckey (from Google reviews)

3 August 2020 - I found Studio Legale Metta on an internet search regarding an Italian matter, and booked a telephone appointment. This was very easy to do and was quickly available. The information I received was extremely helpful and answered my questions, without having to go to an appointment in person. Nicola Metta was very easy to speak to and gave relevant information in a personal and friendly manner.

Alexia Hodgson (from Google reviews)

24 July 2020 - Thank you once again for all of the help! I cannot be more grateful for this service. I recommended Studio Legale Metta to one of my friends, I hope he gets to work with you in the near future.

A. P. W., Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

20 July 2020 - Let me first say that it's been a real pleasure to work with you over all these months.  We will miss reading your emails almost daily!  You have done a fantastic job, even more so in light of the Covid situation!  We appreciate the great support and sustained follow-up you provided step by step! Many thanks for everything, stay safe and have a lovely summer!

A. & C. S., Bruxelles, Belgium

14 July 2020 - In my first consultation with Nick I knew that I was in good hands and I felt very confident that my family's Italian property, which means so much to me and my family, would be resolved in very fair and trustworthy manner. Nick was very prompt in responding to my emails. The process to set up a consultation between the USA and Italy was a smooth and easy one. I would highly recommend this law firm, should you have property in Italy but reside in the USA.

Mary Lynn Rossi (from Google reviews)

9 July 2020 - Incredibly professional and kind; my initial consultation went exceedingly well. I came into the meeting with a lot of questions and was feeling overwhelmed by the process and left completely at ease and well informed. The lawyer I spoke with, Nick Metta, was very helpful; I look forward to working with him in the future.

Genevieve Ferrari (from Google reviews)

5 June 2020 - We recently were in need of some legal assistance involving our Italian property in Tuscany. Fortunately for us, we found Studio Legale Metta online and contacted them immediately. The firm's excellent team of skilled lawyers guided us through the entire process and helped us navigate Italian real estate law so that all our issues were resolved smoothly and promptly. We could not have been happier with their services and intend to use them again in the future. Although I can only give them a five-star rating, they deserve 29 stars because they truly are world-class legal professionals.

(Traduzione) 5 giugno 2020 - Abbiamo recentemente avuto bisogno di assistenza legale per la nostra proprietà italiana in Toscana. Fortunatamente per noi, abbiamo trovato online lo Studio Legale Metta e li abbiamo contattati immediatamente. L’eccellente team di avvocati ci ha guidato attraverso l’intero processo e ci ha aiutato a districarci nel diritto immobiliare italiano in modo che tutte le nostre questioni fossero risolte senza problemi e prontamente. Non saremmo potuti essere più soddisfatti dei loro servizi ed intendiamo utilizzarli nuovamente in futuro. Anche se posso dare loro solo una valutazione a cinque stelle, ne meriterebbero 29 perché sono veramente professionisti a livello mondiale.

Kelley Donahue Johnson, Camarillo, California, USA (from Google reviews)

20 May 2020 - I was impressed with the fast and effective service provided and excellent communication at all time. I will keep using them for assistance and consultations on my legal personal matters. I highly recommend Studio Legale Metta.

Luis Garcia, Bergamo, Italy (from Google reviews)

19 May 2020 - This is a first class legal practice. I've worked with them on two matters and they could not have performed better. Their communications are swift and clear. Their work is superbly thorough. I would not hesitate to engage them for future work and highly recommend them.

Steve Rosner, Albertson, New York, USA (from Google reviews)

27 March 2020 - I am an American/Irish citizen residing in Italy and needed advice regarding the complexities of residency, property ownership and estate planning. I thus searched the web and came upon Nick Metta's clear and concise articles and seminars that immediately pierce the veil and give concrete advice to an expatriate audience trying to come to terms with often obtuse and mystifying Italian legal and bureaucratic labyrinths. In a subsequent scheduled call, Nick immediately covered the substantive issues that I had put on our agenda, translating the complexities into action-orientated practical steps. I recommend his services highly and look forward to our continued collaboration going forward.

John Klink (from Google reviews)

11 February 2020 - I required an Italian Fiscal Code. My main contact was Marco, very professional and extremely quick. Very happy with the service. Would absolutely recommend.

Joshua Jack, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (from Google reviews)

5 February 2020 - Very professional and effective service! The communication was good and the process was faster than expected.

G. C. Cousseau, Maastricht, Holland (from Google reviews)

5 February 2020 - Very efficient & great customer service, many thanks Kat.

Kat S., Bristol, England, UK (from Google reviews)

1 February 2020 - Purchasing and maintaining a property in Italy can be a rewarding, but complex and confusing process. Studio Legale Metta originally assisted my husband and I with the purchase of our holiday property in Ostuni in 2012. They continue annually to process the payment of property taxes on our behalf. Sadly when my husband passed away in 2018 they were invaluable in guiding me through the succession process. They are a highly professional, efficient and friendly practice. They make things as simple and straightforward as possible and I would highly recommend them.

Joanna Munro, Corsham, England, UK (from Google reviews)

17 January 2020 - I needed to obtain a tax code for my supervisor to conduct business in Italy. I discovered Studio Legale Metta via a Google search. After reading several reviews, I decided to utilize their services. I was thrilled that I could achieve my goal via the internet and email rather than having to visit an embassy office in person. My request was assigned to Avv. Marco Chirivì, and I couldn't be more pleased with his service. Everything was thoroughly explained and made very easy from start to finish. My request was also completed earlier than I had anticipated. Thank you to Studio Legale Metta and Marco for a painless experience.

Anna Baker, Highland Park, Illinois, USA (from LinkedIn)

17 December 2019 - Very courteous and helpful telephone advice from Nick Metta. Very reasonable price. Thank you. Would recommend and use again.

H.V., England, UK (from Google reviews)

13 December 2019 - I have nothing but praise and thanks for this company who helped me purchase a property in Italy smoothly and with professionalism. Raffaella and the team were in hand at every opportunity to help with queries I had not understanding the Italian system and were prompt and knowledgeable in their responses. If you are purchasing abroad and need an excellent form of solicitors I highly recommend their services.

H.H., Bowers Gifford, England, UK (from Facebook reviews)

12 December 2019 - I have been very impressed with the service provided by this company. I was a little worried about how to tell if they were legitimate having had bad experiences before but they couldn't be more professional and courteous and certainly very good value for money. A pleasure to deal with.

C. J., Watlington, England, UK (from Google reviews)

26 November 2019 - My husband and I wanted to take a moment and thank Studio Legale Metta and all of their associates for their total professionalism and assistance during the many phases of our quest to move to Italy. We first used Studio Legale Metta in 2017 to purchase a property in Puglia Italy. We feel very fortunate that we found them on the internet, and that after our first phone consultation with Nick Metta we understood and felt complete confidence in his and the firms ability to help us navigate a property purchase in Italy that we completely realise now was beyond our scope of understanding as well as our abilities. Nick and his associates performed all of their duties exactly as they outlined during our initial phone call. To say we were very pleased does not do justice to their abilities to recognise and facilitate their clients needs. They managed the property process in a very professional manner and while we ended up selecting a different property from our initial choice we also discovered we were much happier with that decision. Studio Legale Metta has always given us a full and complete breakdown of the costs involved at the beginning and through the entire process which resulted in a stress free purchase. We would highly recommend Studio Legale Metta to anyone seeking to purchase a property in Italy! A big thanks to Nick, and his entire firm for their fantastic knowledge and professionalism. After our property purchase we once again contacted Nicola Metta seeking his expertise and advice as we sought to obtain a Schengen Visa first and then a Permesso di Soggiorno. Through our first dealings with Studio Legale Metta we have come to totally respect and appreciate the firms superb legal guidance, as well as as their excellent communication skills. Nick has always met our needs with personal care and a genuine concern for our long-term well-being. Thank you Nick! Working with Nick as well as his associates Antonio and Leonardo to secure our visa applications and the forms for the Permesso di Soggiorno has once again proved what an invaluable asset Studio Legale Metta has been to our quest to become Italian residents. First they offered insight and practical information in which we never would have known on our own, about the many layers to the visa application process as well as many processes involved to the filing of the Permesso di Spggiorno kits, an invaluable service for a stress free process. We came across Studio Legale Metta on the internet while in the process of buying a property in Puglia. Nick and his team have been there for us in each step of our process to assimilate ourselves into Italy which means more to us than we can express. We have complete confidence in the firm so now should any other needs arrive they will be our “GO TO” firm as we are completely confident they will be there to support us and to ensure we stay up to date with property ownership and residency requirements. They are and will be an INVALUABLE key to the success of our Italian journey.

Forever Grateful!

K. & J. B., Corpus Christi, Texas, USA (from Google reviews)

19 November 2019 - Thank you Antonio, you are the best! I appreciate very much your efforts for me on a short notice and being available.

D.J., Captiva Drive, Florida, USA

7 November 2019 - Thank you for sending me the completed record of the updated property title. I am very relieved the situation has finally been resolved. It was a pleasure to meet you and I thank you very much for the work you have done on my behalf.

J.M., Corsham, England, UK

2 November 2019 - Very helpful advice regarding my son's Italian study visa and stay permit (permesso di soggiorno), as well as an added bonus of information about regaining my Italian citizenship. It is such a great service to provide easy to schedule phone consultations. Worth every penny. Thank you Nick!

A. A., USA (from Google reviews)

1 November 2019 - Like number of Americans my husband and I have recently moved to a beautiful country Italy! Like many of us, to do things right - Italian way, we needed directions, advice on immigration matters. After spending hours and hours on internet, gathering pieces here-there, we decided to get professional help from Studio Legale Metta - booked a phone consultation with Antonio Cammarano. Bingo! He was incredibly knowledgeable, forthcoming, attentive and professional, provided clear answers IN ENGLISH to all questions and concerns we had for all this time!!! From now on, if we'll need an additional legal help on immigration matters - we'll definitely go back to Antonio Cammarano! Not just that, we'd highly recommend Antonio to expats needing legal assistance on immigration matters. BRAVO ANTONIO!!!

A.K., USA (from Google reviews)

20 September 2019 - Very quick and easy process, Marco was very helpful and clear on instructions for getting my codice fiscale.

E.Z., Hobart, Wisconsin, USA (from Google reviews)

5 September 2019 - Perfect delivered on time. Would recommend them.

G.G., Nazeing, England, UK (from Google reviews)

5 July 2019 - Excellent service. Very quick, helpful and informative!

C.F., Gloucester, England, UK (from Google reviews)

4 July 2019 - Highly rated and respected law firm, offices in Italy, UK and USA.

G. M.- H., Wyncote, Pennsylvania, USA (from Google reviews)

2 July 2019 - A very professional company, asked for there express service and wasn't disappointed. A special mention to Mr. Marco Chirivì who was very efficient in providing me all the assistance required.

B.G., Zabbar, Malta (from Google reviews)

6 June 2019 - Thanks Marco, very efficient service and experience.

J.G., South Africa, (from Google reviews)

4 June 2019 - Thank you for your assistance and professional advice on such a complex transaction. We have enjoyed working with you and your team and wish you all the best for the future.

J., J. & S. E., Hampton Magna, Warwick, England, UK

22 May 2019 - Studio Legale Metta is wonderful!!! They help people in the States with legal matters in other countries. They have an excellent understanding of how things are done in the US and in Europe that helped guide us in the right direction. They understood that the legal action we were forced to take was more an affair of the heart then of finances and were very understanding. They helped us stay calm and do the right thing even though we were emotionally upset. Our case was in Italy. Everyone we spoke with could switch between English and Italian seamlessly to give us a better idea of what was taking place. We worked with many people in their office and everyone was of the same accord. Service and treat the client honorably and with respect. Nick, Antonio and office staff thank you again for your excellent service and commitment to your clients. We highly recommend Studio Legale Metta!!!

F.C., Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA (from Google reviews)

21 May 2019 - Professional, efficient, well organised.

J-D.B., Le Bugue, France (from Google reviews)

17 May 2019 - Nicola Metta provided us with superb legal guidance, excellent communication and a creative approach to our immigration needs. Nick met our needs with personal care and a genuine concern for our long-term well-being. Thank you Nick.

F.G., Zebbug, Gozo, Malta (from Google reviews)

3 May 2019 - Thank you to Marco for helping us procure our tax identification number (codice fiscale). I already signed up for a Trenitalia card! Studio Legale Metta has been, and continues to be an invaluable resource in our navigation through the process of acquiring residency in Italy. Joe and I cannot thank them enough!!

E.P., Southampton, New Jersey, USA (from Google reviews)

2 May 2019 - Working with Nick on elements of my visa application proved invaluable. He offered insight and practical information that I never would have known on my own. There are many layers to the visa application process and tapping into his knowledge base has been extremely helpful.

G.S., Portland, Maine, USA (from Google reviews)

25 April 2019 - Being based in Australia we required assistance with the Italian legal system. Nicola was of tremendous assistance by email and phone, he answered all of our questions and provided some very helpful advice and tips to assist us. His services are highly recommended.

B.W., Victoria, Australia (From LinkedIn reviews)

20 April 2019 - Studio Legale Metta provided me with outstanding, accurate, and timely legal assistance without requiring me to make an unexpected trip to Italy. Mr. Chirivì was exceptional and I intend to call on him and the firm again for additional assistance in the future.

J.N., Woodbridge, Virginia, USA (from Google reviews)

4 April 2019 - Altogether an excellent service. Friendly, professional and efficient. No nonsense or hidden charges, excellent communications. A thoroughly modern business, geared for and embracing modern times yet giving a welcoming human touch. I would entrust them for my future dealings.

D.P., Kirkby, England, UK (from Google reviews)

29 March 2019 - I'd like to thank you for the quick and very professional service you have provided. I would highly recommend your services.

D.P., Kirkby, England, UK

12 March 2019 - Thank you very much for your service, I will recommend you to family and friends.

H.K., Newcastle, England, UK

11 March 2019 - Tutto ben fatto! Gioia and I wish to thank you and every one at Studio Legale Metta for having handled this last transaction so smoothly. We appreciate all that you have done. With our best wishes.

G.P. & R.C., Emerson, New Jersey, USA

9 March 2019 - Nick was very helpful in assisting me with rental contract questions. He put my mind at ease. His experience with the Italian legal system, real estate, and expectation management has allowed me to move forward with an effective and legal plan.

E.H., Etters, Pennsylvania, USA (from Google reviews)


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