SLM Client Experience Department

SLM Client Experience Department

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Did you know that SLM has a Client Experience Department (CED) whose mandate is to ensure clients have a good experience at our law firm?  What does that mean exactly?  When someone onboards as a client (i.e. makes the transition from a potential client or interested person to a client), one of the first emails they receive from their lawyer includes access to a document that explains a bit about how we work and introduces them to our Client Experience Manager as a point of additional support.  While you may read that and think “of course, any reputable law firm would want to have someone in that type of role” but that’s not typical in Italian law firms at all. 

In addition to being another point of contact for the client, our CED also helps direct the flow of administrative questions that clients might have (e.g. where can I find my statement, how can I open another matter in a different practice area, etc.).

And additionally, the department oversees the website as it’s usually the first point of contact for people.  Not just making sure content is updated, but reviewing user experience as they fill out a form, book a consultation, request assistance getting their tax code, etc.  We spend a lot of time internally trying to make things as smooth as possible for anyone who comes to our site or reaches out to us, starting their journey to becoming a client.

Once a new client starts working with us, the Client Experience Department continues to be available to receive clients’ feedback until the end of the case. This is an essential part of our core values: be aware of clients’ feelings. We believe that client feedback is essential for the firm to constantly improve the quality of its work and ensure our clients have the best experience possible.

How connect with the Client Experience Department

If you are not a client:

Use our contact form

If you are a client:

Look for the information in the onboarding material that you received upon signing with us, or ask your lawyer for more information.