Medical malpractice & injury

Medical malpractice & injury

Legal claims for Medical Malpractice against health organizations are constantly growing in Italy. Patients and their relatives no longer accept hospital negligence. They are aware they might be entitled to substantial medical malpractice compensations. Moreover, the is the moral value coming from the belief that suing a health care provider could increase the attention hospitals give to protocol and higher quality standards, in order to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

However, unfortunately in additon to legitimate malpractice claims, the health care service providers (hospitals, nurses, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, etc.) could be attacked by fraudulent requests which risk to spoil the system, increasing insurance costs and defensive medical practice.

Counting on professionals able to detect and address critical situations which could turn into a valid legal claim, Studio Legale Metta has a strong Medical Malpractice Area assisting Italian and non Italian victims of clinical negligence.

Studio Legale Metta also assists Italian insurance companies and health care service providers against fraudulent medical malpractice claims. As a legal advisor, Studio Legale Metta’s efforts are aimed at improving the health care system in general as well as safeguarding the professionals committed in such a complicated and important service.

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