Canon law

Canon law

Canon Law is Holy Roman Church’s domestic law. It regulates every dimension the faithful’s life (a.k.a. christifidelis).

Studio Legale Metta assists clients of all nationalities in matters regarding nullity of marriage, dispensation of a marriage ratum et non consummatum, restitutio in integrum, separation of spouse, diriment impediments. Moreover the Firm assists Church associations and organizations (Pious Foundations included)  in issues concerning Ecclesiastical organizations’administration.

Canon Law’s section is led by Partner Federica Metta, Doctor of Canon Law (Juris Canonici Doctor; J.C.D. a.k.a. Avvocato Rotale) admitted at the Tribunal of Roman Rota, the highest level of Vatican Court Jurisdiction. Her primary areas of practice cover family law, adoptions, separation and divorce.

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