Corporate & commercial

Corporate & commercial

We provide legal advice, assistance, and dispute services for corporate and commercial matters throughout Italy. Our corporate legal team addresses all business legal needs such as company incorporation, compliance, contract preparation, employment, disputes, and litigation.

Italian Company Formation and Management

Key services we provide:

  • International business profile review
  • Advice about appropriate Italian corporate structure: Personal Company, Limited Liability Company – R.L., S.P.A., Foreign Company Registration in Italy, Innovative Start-up, Holding
  • Advice about business name choice
  • Bylaws, shareholder agreements, articles of incorporation
  • Fully remote incorporation  (without physical presence of shareholder/s or director/s in Italy)
  • Representation at shareholders meetings
  • Italian tax registration (business VAT, directors and shareholders Italian tax ID)
  • Company Register registration (Italian Chamber of Commerce)
  • Company Director/s registration
  • Italian legal e-signature for company director/s
  • Bookkeeping
  • Registered address service
  • Accounting and tax assistance

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Corporate Governance and Compliance

Whatever the business activity, industry or size, it is necessary to be prepared when conducting business in Italy. Our team of Italian bilingual lawyers works with our clients to analyze their profiles and goals. We then advise them on applicable risks, opportunities, the most opportune business structure, articles of incorporation, and goverance. We leverage our significant legal experience to optimize each client’s Italian business profile.

Key services we provide:

  • Italian business structure advice
  • Governance advice
  • Compliance advice
  • Compliance documents to address corporate criminal liability, anti-money laundering, privacy, and environmental health and safety at work
  • Investment Holding Policies

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Our experienced legal team works alongside you every step of the way for your Italian business mergeracquisition or sale.

  • Research companies for purchase on the Italian market
  • Handle and leverage an “unsolicited” purchase or merger offer
  • Seller’s Disclosure (seller-side) or Due Diligence preparation
  • Letter of intent, Non Disclosure Agreement, real-time Data Room
  • Negotiations, conditions and covenants
  • Private Equity and Crowdfunding

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Commercial Contracts

Terms and conditions designate the law applicable among the parties. We offer assistance with Italian and international contracts:

  • Corporate (shareholder agreement, sale, mergers and acquisitions)
  • Joint-venture
  • Share purchase agreement
  • Contractor agreements and supply
  • Trust
  • Business alliance
  • Website policies
  • Employment
  • Agency
  • Distribution
  • Sponsorship
  • Purchase or sale of goods, services and intellectual property
  • E-sport tournament
  • Turn-key engineering

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Intellectual Property 

Here are some key Italian intellectual and industrial property contracts we execute:

  • Registration and protection of trademarks and patents
  • Plant varieties patenting
  • Supplementary protection certificates
  • Copyright

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Temporary Export Management

We assist our clients in identifying potential commercial partners worldwide. Specifically, we provide:

  • Global research and market analysis on products
  • Global research of potential commercial partners
  • Market identification
  • Product analysis with respect to the target country
  • Establishment and acquisition of foreign companies
  • Drafting business plan and feasibility studies
  • Due diligence on businesses
  • Commercial real estate search and advice

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Corporate Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

We assist our clients with Italian and international arbitration procedures, as well as other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedures. ADR is essential to resolve disputes in a more timely and cost effective manner. When necessary, however, our Italian corporate litigation department can escalate the dispute to the highest levels of jurisdiction. We work alongside our clients to achieve their optimal goal in every matter.

Terms of Business and Legal Fees

We offer a flexible engagement structure that clients can customize to their specific needs. Each client can select individual legal services for a flat or capped fee. Additionally, through our Service Plans we offer packages of services which group activities that are typically provided together for a reduced rate.

Under the capped fee structure, fees are charged for the time actually spent on the matter up to the pre-established amount. For example, if the time spent on the case generates a fee that is lower than the capped fee amount, we will only bill the lower fee based on time. Conversely, should the accrued fee based on time be higher than the capped fee, the client will only pay the capped fee.

Terms might vary over time and in accordance with particular case circumstances. We always provide clients with a customized Engagement Letter which outlines the terms of business for their specific case scenario.

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