Italian taxes

Italian taxes

We provide Italian tax services for expats, dual citizens and people who live overseas who have an Italian income and/or Italian taxable assets.

Key services we provide:

  • Prepare and file personal Italian tax return
  • Provide Italian assets and income information to prepare and file personal and business U.S. taxes
  • Prepare and file business/corporate Italian tax return
  • Review asset and income situation, determine available options, tax incentives, and opportunities;
  • Advise on tax efficient tax planning strategies
  • Assistance setting up business structure in Italy, including tax number registration (“Partita IVA”)
  • Assistance with property short-term rental business set-up
  • Property renovation tax credit, tourist accommodation tax incentives (e.g., buy, renovate and run hotel businesses)
  • Foreign assets disclosure in foreign assets tax return schedule “Quadro RW”
  • Accounting due diligence in Italian business acquisition
  • Italian NewCo tax registration
  • Italian company accounting and bookkeeping
  • Italian permanent establishment matters

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