Visa and immigration

Italian Elective Residency Visa

Italian visa

Question: What are the requirements to apply for an Italian Elective Residency Visa? Answer: The requirements, the process and timing for an Italian Elective Residency Visa are as follows: Requirements and Process of the Italian Elective Residency Visa If you do not have medical insurance meeting the requirements above, we will gladly assist you getting …

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How to buy and drive a scooter or a car in Italy

driving licenses in Italy - How to buy and drive a scooter or a car in Italy

Question: What do I need to buy a scooter or a car in Italy? Answer: The basic requirements to buy a scooter or any car in Italy are to possess Italian registered residency and motor Insurance policy. In addition to the above requirements, there are some other aspects to take into consideration when planning to …

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How US nationals can get italian driving licence

Driver license for Italy

Americans planning to move to Italy will need to take their Italian driving test if they want to continue driving on Italy’s roads. Here’s the essential guide on how to get an Italian permit and who needs to. For US nationals who make the move to live in Italy, the clock is ticking on being …

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7% Flat Tax on Foreign Income

web pic 7 - 7% Flat Tax on Foreign Income

Thinking of retiring to Italy? You could take advantage of a generous flat tax rate if you move to one of Italy’s small southern towns. Here’s an overview of who’s eligible and how it works. In a bid to attract more people to Italy’s rural south, the Italian government is offering a 7% flat tax …

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Lease Requirements for Italian Elective Residency Visa

Lease Requirements for Italian Visa

 Question:  What are the requirements for a lease agreement for the Italian Elective Residency Visa application? Answer:  Based on our experience and practice of many similar cases and the review of policies of many Italian Consulate offices around the world, we have prepared a checklist to refer to when looking for a property to rent …

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Italian visa-bond (fideiussione)

Italian Visa Bond

Question: What is an Italian Visa Bond and how do I get it? Answer: In Italian, the term “Italian Visa Bond” is Fideiussione. The Italian Visa Bond is a financial guarantee normally issued by a bank or an insurance company. When a bank or insurance company issues the Visa Bond, it is guaranteeing that it will provide …

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Brexit and Italian Residence

Brexit Italian Residence

Last minute Brexit questions There is little time left to the end of the Brexit transition period (31 December 2020). This has increased interest from British citizens for questions about Italian immigration rules, Italian residence registration, cross-border estate and tax planning and more. Here are some questions and answers that have helped thousands of British people to better plan their future. What is the deadline to apply for …

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Italian residency registration EU citizen

Italian residence registration

Question: I am an EU citizen and I would like to know the requirements to become an Italian resident. Answer: EU citizens (and citizens of Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) can currently spend up to three months in Italy without having to comply with any particular requirement. An EU citizen who would want to stay in Italy for more than three …

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Italian residency application timing

Italian Residence Application

Question: How long does it take to become an Italian resident after I file the Italian residency application? Answer: If your Italian residency application is complete and accurate, you can expect your residency to be recorded starting from the date of your application. Within a couple of days after you file the Italian residency application, you should be able to …

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