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Testimonials facet test



Barbara Palermo (from Google reviews)

I was able to get a complicated Power of Attorney done for the sale of a property in Italy that involved an American co-owner. Studio Metta was very responsive and knew what they were doing. Highly recommend.

July 8, 2024
Alexandra Ciuhureanu (from Google reviews)

Working with Marco Chirivì has been a fantastic experience. Thanks to him, obtaining a tax code was fast, frictionless, and required minimum effort on my part. He was very knowledgeable and efficient – a true professional! I will surely work with Studio Legale Metta again.

July 3, 2024
Steven Miller (from Google reviews)

Marco Chirivi took the reins on my request/application for a Fiscal Code (Tax Code), required by the Italian Authorities, to process and ultimately release an inheritance – following the passing of my mother – from Italy to Australia. Marco is highly Efficient, Professional and Courteous. I unreservedly recommend Marco Chirivi and the Company he represents – SLM – for Italian related legal matters.

June 28, 2024
Mustafa Polat (from Google reviews)

They work very organised and fastly. They are very friendly. I’m really grateful to them. I have never seen a law company like them before.

June 26, 2024
Mary Jo Slaney (from Google reviews)

My son and I had a great experience with Antonio and Martina at Studio Legale Metta. They helped us understand his student visa requirements and negotiate a lease. They were very knowledgeable and responsive. I will definitely use the firm again if need be.

June 25, 2024
Andrey Bych (from Google reviews)

I’ve used services of Studio Legale Metta for obtaining of my Codice Fiscale as my first step in purchase of property in Italy. The SLM’ specialists, namely Marco Chirivi and Sarie Horowitz have managed the whole case in a very efficient, friendly and professional manner. As a result, I’ve obtained the CF faster than expected. So far my intention is to work further with the SLM in areas of the bank accounts opening and property bills management. I highly recommend the professional SLM Team to every ex-pat willing to grow roots in Italy. Wishing SLM every success and long years of a trusty business!

June 21, 2024
Maria Pappas (from Google reviews)

They helped me get a tax code in Italy and it went faster than expected! Prompt and responsive service would highly recommend! Solved my apartment rental problem in a pinch, thank you Marco!

June 16, 2024
Wendy Faraone (from Google reviews)

Douglas Berti D’Agostini oversaw my case for Italian citizenship, and he was absolute perfection! He knew I had a legitimate case and fought long and hard to make sure that I was recognized as an Italian. I had a million questions, and he was so incredibly patient with me through the whole process over the past few years. I am blown away by his professionalism and understanding. Do yourself a favor and work with Douglas! I would not be an Italian citizen without his guidance, skill, talent, gusto and his support. I am recommending him to every single person that I know who has Italian ancestors. He is truly the only one to work with!

June 15, 2024
David Phillips (from Google reviews)

Martina Pavone was incredible. She provided answers to everything regarding an Elective Retirement Visa.

June 14, 2024
Michel Rogge (from Google reviews)

Just received my Codice Fiscale. Was a bit concerned to commit money on line without knowing the Company. All I can say is that I am extremely satisfied. Instructions were clear, communication extremely swift, the document was delivered faster than anticipated. In two words: professionalism and efficiency. I recommend without hesitation Studio Legale Metta.

June 14, 2024