John Rando (from Google reviews)

John Rando (from Google reviews)

4 September 2023 – If you are not living in Italy and have no idea about the Italian law then I highly recommend you contact Studio Legale Metta with a 5 star rating to provide you with their legal guidance and representation.

I live in Australia and worked closely with Dario, Nick and other staff members relating to my Italian family member’s very complex Italian Estate – Successione. It was a blessing when I searched in google to find Studio Legale Metta’s website and after reading clients testimonials, I contacted Nick Metta. My relationship was based on trust spanning over 5 years and our working relationship has been truly a great experience.

Our communication line was in excellent English which was so important as I did not speak, read or write Italian. The line of communication was prompt, clear, constantly updated, clear instructions in a very kind, gentle and highly professional manner. Dario and his fellow colleagues are very knowledgeable of the Italian laws. I was always comfortable to ask frequent questions and Dario always answered them promptly.

My family member’s complex Italian Estate –Successione was handled meticulously by Dario and Nick which included inheritance distribution, company closure, debts, bonds, Codice Fiscale, POA, property tax, sale of property and more. Dario and fellow colleagues of Studio Legale Metta, thank you so much for your exceptional work, your professionalism and support it has been a true pleasure.