Coronavirus: SLM press release

Coronavirus: SLM press release



There is no doubt that there is a growing number of news stories and communications related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). This communication is simple: our top priority is our clients and employees all over the world. Our law firm’s standard business practices are designed to assist our clients without any need for them to travel to Italy. These virtual business procedures have been in place since 2004 and we will continue to assist our clients located around the globe and nationwide during this difficult time.

Our offices in Italy remain open in accordance with current governmental regulations. The majority of our employees are working remotely. This gives us the flexibility to continue seamlessly working even as the situation evolves and protocols change. Our Italian headquarters are located in Bari, which is in the south of Italy. On 9 March 2020 this area was put on lockdown along with the rest of the country. The Bari office is currently open with essential staff physically present and others networked in live.

We also have team members working from other areas of Italy as well as Europe and the U.S.A.

Following the protocols of Italian health and governmental resources, along with our law firm’s own best practices, we have adopted multiple measures to keep our employees healthy and for us to continue assisting our clients with their legal needs throughout the country.

This is a rapidly evolving situation and our organization will continue to evaluate the best course of action and update our website , with the latest information as it is available.  For specific information on novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we recommend you visit the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization, and the Italian government.

Thank you for being loyal clients.

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