SLM international training New York spring 2011

SLM international training New York spring 2011



SLM’s International Department trainee, Valeria Schiralli, will be in the U.S. this spring to expand her knowledge of American law firms as well as American business culture.

Organized by Rotary International and Rotary Foundation, two no-profit organizations, Valeria’s trip is part of Rotary’s Group Study Exchange Program (GSE) and Studio Legale Metta’s training program for young lawyers and law graduates.

Valeria will stay for six weeks in the U.S. and will visit the New York City Courts as well as the American law firms Westermann Sheeny Keenan Samaan & Aydelott, LLP and Ropes & Gray, LLP.

In New York Valeria also will be taken on personalized visits to two world-renowned law faculties: Columbia University School of Law and Fordham University School of Law.

“At SLM we are breaking new ground in how we train young members of our team. We not only encourage both our recent law graduates and recently qualified attorneys to experience foreign law contexts, we make it possible for them to do so”, commented Aurelio A. Metta, Partner of SLM and Rotary Club – Bari Ovest.

“About 50% of our clients come from outside of Italy. This means that our lawyers and trainees must understand the firm’s clients not only from a legal standpoint but also on from a cultural perspective”, says Nick Metta, Partner and head of the firm’s International Department.

“We believe that trainees and young lawyers should be able to personally experience diverse ways of carrying out the legal profession, not just in Italy, but also abroad. When one team member goes abroad for training, the whole team benefits as that person returns enriched from the experience with new ideas and wider perspectives. Our philosophy at the firm is that it is essential for members of SLM to combine proficiency and open-mindedness in order to guarantee our clients the best service possible”, added Nick Metta.

Each year SLM organizes an international training experience for a member or members of the firm through internships in foreign law firms, as well as hosting foreign trainees in its office in Bari.

(SLM 02 April 2011)

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