Convert an italian student visa into an employment visa

Convert an italian student visa into an employment visa



Question: What are the options to convert an Italian Student Visa into an Employment Visa?

Answer: A person with an Italian Permit to Stay (permesso di soggiorno) which was issued based on an Italian Student Visa is entitled to work up to 20 hours per week. This is the maximum average amount permitted during the duration of the visa. In one year, the maximum total hours are 1,040. Therefore, a foreign student living in Italy with a valid Permit to Stay can work without needing to fulfill any other immigration formality.

It is important to note that it is not possible to convert one type of Italian Visa into another type of Visa. This applies to all Visa categories. However, it is possible to convert your Permit to Stay by changing the reason for your stay. For example, for work that requires more hours than those allowed under a Student Permit to Stay (20 hours per week) it is possible to convert the Italian Student Permit to Stay into either a Self-Employment Permit or an Employee Permit.

For the Self-Employment Permit there are two options. One requires that the student has earned qualifying education in Italy. The second option does not have the education requirement but is subject to a limited number of permits available per year.

Self-Employment Permit Option 1 – Includes Education Requirement

One of the following degrees must be obtained in Italy:

  • Bachelor’s degree (laurea, minimum three years, 180 university credits)
  • Special bachelor’s degree (laurea specialistica/magistrale)
  • Specialization degree (Diploma di Specializzazione, minimum two years)
  • Doctorate degree (Dottorato di Ricerca, minimum three years)
  • First level University Master’s degree (Master Universitario di I livello, one year, 60 credits)
  • Second level University Master’s degree (Master Universitario di II livello, one year, 60 credits)
  • Perfection certificate (Attestato o Diploma di Perezionamento, one year, 60 credits)

Having fulfilled one of the above education requirements enables the applicant to convert the Student Permit to Stay into a Work Permit to Stay regardless of the amount of employment Visa applications filed by other immigrants for the same year.

Self-Employment Permit Option 2 – No Education Requirement

The Permit to Stay application to convert to a different type of Permit is put into a pool with other applicants who are all subject to the annual immigration share restrictions established by the Italian government. In general, the restrictions make the Permit to Stay conversion process more challenging and less likely to be successful.

In both cases of the Self-Employment Permit (with or without the education requirement) the applicant must also meet all the following requirements:

i.   Sufficient financial resources based on the activity to be carried out;
ii.  License and/or membership to local associations;
iii. Housing;
iv. Annual income higher than EUR 8,500.

Student Permit into Employee Permit: the only option to obtain this permit conversion is to meet the education requirement above and have an offer for employment or a trainee position in a sector pertinent to the degree obtained in Italy. Additionally, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Letter from the employer with details of employment terms;
  2. Employer’s most recent tax return;
  3. Employer’s business balance sheet (annual results);
  4. Letter from the authorized representative of the employing company regarding the invoices issued during the current year;
  5. Company record;
  6. Filed VAT tax return;
  7. Employer’s telephone and email;
  8. Housing compliance;
  9. Housing availability (e.g., lease agreement, hospitality).

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