Italian custom seized vehicle

Italian custom seized vehicle



Question: We are a transport company in the UK. We have had a vehicle stopped in the port of Genoa by Guardia di Finanza under an order from the local Criminal Court. We have been instructed to contact an Italian lawyer to assist with this matter. Please can you assist us with this?

Answer: In order to have a vehicle released after it has been seized at the Italian Custom under a Criminal Court order, you are required to file an appeal with the sale Criminal Court.

Once the judge issues the release order, you are required to contact the local competent Custom Authority (Agenzia delle Dogane) and Custom Police (Guardia di Finanza) to get the requirements checklist that needs to be satisfied in order to pick up your truck.

Bear in mind, often time is of the essence: appeals are allowed within a deadline, often 90 days. Also, if your truck was towed to a parking lot where daily parking fees are charged, the sooner you get your truck back the lower the applicable parking fees will be.

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