Italian solicitor in London

Italian solicitor in London



Question: I saw you are Italian solicitors and I would like to discuss my specific case circumstances in person with an Italian solicitor in the area of London. Can we meet in person in London for Italian legal advise or do I have to go to Italy?

Answer: Italian lawyers of Studio Legale Metta law firm are frequently in London to meet in person with current and potential clients. Please use our contact form to inquire about the meeting in London.

While our headquarters are in Bari, Italy, we have the option to do in-person consultations online or in person.  We work nationwide on Italian legal matters involving a wide range of areas of Italian law practice, including probate and inheritance, property transactions, company formation, mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, medical malpractice, citizenship/immigration and debt collection. If you’d like to book a consultation, please click on the image below.

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