Matera 2017 – international successions

Matera 2017 – international successions



23 March 2017 – The Matera Bar Association (Consiglio dell’Ordine degli Avvocati di Matera) and the Matera Civil Chamber (a civil law lawyers association) have organized a seminar for lawyers as part of the continuing legal education program (CLE).

Studio Legale Metta (SLM) was invited to present aspects and procedures of international successions.

During his presentation, Nick Metta (SLM partner) compared the European Regulation no. 650/2012, which is applicable to successions regarding people deceased on or after 17 August 2015, to the rules applicable to domestic successions under Italian law no. 218/1995.

Nick’s presentation was focused on practical aspects such as conflict rules, residency, citizenship and taxes. We concluded the presentation with some case studies.

The Notary Ms Brunella Carriero presented the European Certificate of Succession.

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