Brexit and Italian residency without an Italian visa

Brexit and Italian residency without an Italian visa



Question: I am a British citizen. Can I get Italian residency in 2021 without a visa?

Answer: Yes. Some British people still qualify for an Italian 5-year immigration card without the need to get a visa first. This is possible thanks to last minute guidelines issued by the Italian Government a few days before the end of 2020.

Many don’t know that this is possible! Unfortunately, sometimes even the Italian immigration office or the Comune won’t know about these last-minute government guidelines.

British clients who contacted us in 2021 for help obtaining an Italian visa frequently were surprised when we explained how they could establish Italian immigration status within days, as opposed to months, and for a fraction of the typical cost.

Here is how it works under the new guidelines. If you or a family member have an Italian lease agreement, or if you were even only in Italy sometime in 2019 or 2020, this might allow you to qualify for the 5-year Italian immigration card without need of a consular visa.

Sometimes it might be sufficient only to have a credit card statement showing that you spent money (thus time) in Italy in 2019 or 2020.

If you meet the requirements, you can prepare an affidavit where you present your case and refer to the above guidelines’ specific exemptions regarding your profile. Then you can file it directly with the local Italian immigration office, the Questura. You can even file it remotely, from the UK.

If everything is in order, they will reply via email with the date and the address for your appointment to be fingerprinted. After you are fingerprinted, you get the 5-year immigration card within a month or so and can register as a resident. Without an Italian visa!

This opportunity is not expected to last.

Therefore, if you qualify, it is advisable to act as soon as possible.

Check this link for post-Brexit FAQs that might interest you:

Here are some other questions that we can address with you based on a review of your specific personal case circumstances.

  • If I acquire the Italian immigration card, do I have to apply for Italian residency?
  • If I de-register from being an Italian registered resident, but then continue to spend time in Italy, what are my Italian tax obligations?
  • If I get the 5-year British settler Italian immigration card, what are my options to bring other family members to Italy?
  • If I registered as an Italian resident, what would be the options to benefit from the lower Italian inheritance taxation?
  • If I do not register as an Italian resident, can I still easily rent or sell my Italian property?
  • What are the Italian tax incentives for newly registered Italian residents?
  • What are the strategies to leverage the rules set out in the bilateral treaty against double income taxation in force between Italy and the UK?
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