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International Inheritance Cases Involving Italy

We specialize in preparation of wills for international cases involving Italy. Italian will and/or foreign will for:

  • Non-Italian citizens living outside of Italy who own assets in Italy.
  • Non-Italian citizens living in Italy with assets in Italy and/or overseas.
  • Italian citizens living outside of Italy with assets in Italy and/or overseas.

This refers to any assets, for example, real estate, bank accounts, businesses, jewelry, art, vehicles, etc.

Most of our clients are from the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK and Ireland.

Expert Legal Review Goals for a Will Involving Italy

The goals of a expert legal review depend on the specific case circumstances. These are the ones applicable to almost every case:

  • Acquire control over how the estate will be distributed.
  • Chose a different inheritance law than the one of the country where the assets are located.
  • Prevent or ensure application of Italian inheritance rules, such as forced heirship rules in favor of family members entitled to a portion of the estate regardless of the content of the will.
  • Enable the beneficiaries to carry out a smoother and faster estate succession and inheritance distribution.

How Can a Legal Expert Help?

An experienced legal consultant will review your case circumstances, needs and expectations and will advise you in a personalized manner. These are some of the most common advice areas:

  • Predict the default inheritance distribution law (or laws) applicable to the estate.
  • Predict applicable inheritance taxes.
  • Advise electing an alternative law to regulate the distribution of  (a portion or all) the estate.
  • Restructure and amend the will so that the therein wishes are fully enforceable.
  • Advise to properly identify the subjects of the will, testator and beneficiaries, in compliance with the standards of the applicable law.
  • Assist with estate assets legal description.
  • Advise regarding the implications of having a trust and/or a durable power of attorney.
  • Advise about powers of executors and personal representatives with respect to international estate matters.

Do You Need an Italian Will?

It depends on an initial Estate Planning analysis regarding your past, present and future conditions. For example, these are some of the topics that your legal consultant should discuss with you:

  • Your past, present and future residence
  • Your assets, for example, real estate, bank accounts, jewelry, artwork, etc.
  • Value of your estate
  • Assets you might have gifted or received as gifts
  • Your past, present and future family and marital situation (children, marriages, divorce/separation, also for your children)
  • Particular wishes (contingencies)
  • Particular personal circumstances (illness, nationality/ies)

Make a Will for Italy from Home

Start with these three steps:

  • List your assets, debts, beneficiaries etc.
  • Write your wishes in your own words
  • Consult with an experienced legal consultant.

HERE is more information.

Will Preparation Service

Our unique service includes:

  • Estate planning review
  • Review of your existing will from the perspective of the Italian jurisdiction (via email).
  • Telephone or video consultations with an experienced English speaking Italian lawyer to understand your personal and estate circumstances, your goals and expectations (phone, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc.).
  • Draft an Italian will or amend a non Italian will to render it fully enforceable in Italy.
  • Provide a personalized report explaining how inheritors should use the Italian will in Italy or overseas or the foreign will in Italy.

The entire legal will review process above can be completed remotely.

The above activities take into consideration the European Regulation 650/2012, fully applicable since 17 August 2015, as well as any impact of Brexit.

CONTACT US – An experienced Italian lawyer will be happy to discuss your case circumstances.

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